Truth Is

Have you ever met someone who lies? I mean lies about ev-er-y-thing!

I’ve been around some people who have told some stretchers. “Stretchers” honestly does not do the magnitude of these lies justice. They are some of the most grandiose, incomprehensible, why would you think I’m dumb enough to believe this lies I’ve heard in my lifetime.  I’m talking about those lies that have you looking like….

That’s almost as bad as Charlie Murphy face.

One of the most ridiculous lies I’ve ever been told was by one of my homeboy in college. He actually FAKED being in school. How do you do that? He would read texts books in front of us, and act like he was studying. The whole bit. We used to kick it pretty strong, so I trusted him. In my world, there’s not reason to lie. Especially about attending college. So why not believe him? Eventually, me and the others in my group started to notice a few things. One glaring fact stuck out: why don’t we EVER see you on campus?

We put things together and found out he wasn’t in school. He went to all that trouble to put up a meaningless facade. What a waste of time and energy, eh?

Why do people lie? I don’t get it. White lies. Half truths. Bold and blatant. Super exaggerated. Completely unbelievable. No harm. I’m protecting your feelings. They’re all lies, and I hate them. Relationships should be built on a solid ground of trust and honesty. These are arguably the most important components in a successful relationship. If there is no trust, then the relationship will crumble faster that stale snickerdoodles. This even means tell me the truth when I don’t want to hear it, but I NEED it. There are ways to be tactful and honest.

Truth is……. be honest. It’ll get you further in life.

What do you think? Do your relationships last if the person is a liar?

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  1. shielders anonymous says:

    Well other than my exes I can’t say that I know anyone else that lies all the time for no apparent reason. If it turns out that I do know someone like this then maybe I’m oblivious to it. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt until they show me otherwise, so I guess no one has shown me otherwise so far. I can say though that I am truly annoyed when people ask me leading or seemingly harmless questions and then go and draw conclusions based on the way I answer them. I favor being straight forward with people so I guess I expect that in return. Needless to say when I realize who people truly are, I tend to limit our encounters to simply being cordial. No more no less.


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