The Rule of 3

The dreaded conversation.

“We need to talk. I feel like things aren’t working out. We just need to be friends.”

Silent tears begin to stream down the girl’s face. She tries to salvage her relationship. Talking. Persuading. Pouring out her heart. The guy listens. He agrees with some of her statements, but he stands firm on his decision even though he wants to cave. He never wanted to break up with her. She forced his hand.

They depart from each other with shattered hearts and tear washed faces. The guy runs to the comforting arms of his mother. It’s been them against the world his whole life. So, he’s a momma’s boy, and he’s okay with that.  She proceeds to pray over him.

“Father God in the name of Jesus, please comfort his broken heart. Give him peace.”

She’s an old school, sanctified woman who means Jesus.

The guy cries for a bit longer, and talks it out with his mom. After a long conversation, his mom firmly states, “Three days.” He knows what she means. He only has three days to grieve the end of his relationship. After that? Time to get it together. Life goes on.

Sounds harsh doesn’t it? It may even sound crazy. I mean who can move on in three days? Nonetheless, the guy adheres to his mother’s words. She is trying to instill strength in her son. She doesn’t want him to suffer the same relationship pain she’s experienced. Strength is needed.

Day 1

Moping. Crying. Heartbreak. That sinking pit in his stomach. Longing. Wondering. Emotions can be so complex. He watches his phone to see if she’ll text. Nothing. The way he’s going on about it you’d think she broke up with him. However, break ups are rough regardless of who initiated it, and he’s experiencing it first hand.

He sees her later that night with some mutual friends. She acts like nothing is wrong. Talking and laughing like their relationship didn’t mean anything. He is wearing the break up all over his face. A yearning glance. Wanting. Hoping she’ll understand. He really wants to be with her, but she’s gotta stop lying to him. She walks over to talk to him. His heart leaps. They talk. Things end on better terms this time around.

Day 2

The sadness is there, but the crying begins to cease. The sinking pit in his stomach slowly fades. He still wants to be with her, but a sense of relief comes over him. He’s starting to find confidence in his decision. He creates space to withdraw himself. No need to text, call, and communicate. At least not like it was before. It keeps the wound fresh.

She calls. They haven’t talked all day. This is a severe departure from the norm, so he gives in and answers. She sounds like she understands. He slips up and makes plans with her. Sometimes he makes decisions when he’s in his feelings. This was one of those times. What about that fresh wound? It’s healing. He can handle seeing her again.

Day 3

The stomach pit is gone. The sadness has waned from tsunami waves to ripples along the shore. He can get through the day. Deep breaths. It’s time to move on. The romantic emotions for his ex have not subsided, but they are in check.

They met up as planned the day before. Prior to seeing her, the guy was starting to get over his feelings. Or so he thought. Seeing her makes him step up to the high dive with a pool of passionate affection below. First bounce. He’s ready to jump. He’s coming down for the second bounce when she reminds him why he broke up with her. She lies to him. Bouncing halts. Utter disappointment. He understands now. It hurts, but he understands. He can’t be with someone who won’t tell him the truth. He backs up from his feelings with an assurance that his original decision was correct. Day three is complete.

He talks to his mom the next day and tells her about the events of day three. The tears of three days ago have dried. His face looks refreshed. The vibrancy of his smile returns. He’s okay now.

“Three days, Mom. Thank you. I love you.”

“I love you too, my baby boy.”

The life lesson of strength during hard times has been taught. Learned.


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  1. Eddie Gilliam says:

    I enjoyed the comments on the blog. I experienced twice 1st hand what the young man experienced. Love can be complex something. You give love and what you get in return is fake or false love. It was a life learned lesson. True love suffer long,kind, not behave itself unseemly . You get over it and move on, for what God has for me it is for me. They were not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jarrod Brown says:

      Yes sir! God will guide is through to whom if we just listen.


  2. shielders anonymous says:

    Wow…I love the way you created emotional resonance in this narrative! Oh my goodness the language completely pulled me in and while reading it I could see your words come alive like a motion picture! I can identify with the message in this piece because I too struggled with breakups that I knew were the right thing to do but even though my head was over it, my heart and emotions held on a bit longer. Nevertheless time and prayer healed my wounds and I am truly grateful that I was able to let go at the right moment. Great story…it addressed a relevant issue, the process to healing was very pragmatic and the ending exuded reassurance, hope and perseverance. Simply amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jarrod Brown says:

      Awesome!! That’s exactly what I was going for. Thanks for reading!

      I’ve had my fair share of break ups
      I thought it would be a good story because we have all gone through it. Heartbreak is tough, but we are stronger!


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