Dr. Suess

Conversing with people over the past few days has been different for me. I’m starting to hear a lot of subjects to write about. Not that I am seeking conversation for the sole purpose of finding writing material. Ideas flood my head at times. Why not capitalize on it?

One particular conversation, or a response to a comment I made, stayed with me. The subject was about racism, but it was a different perspective. Part of that perspective was welcomed. It opened my eyes and let me see things from another’s point of view. After all, it’s not all about me. One claim was made in which I thoroughly disagreed. I let the person know the claim was false. Not because I disagreed with it, but because it was a blanket statement. The original poster (OP) replied “It may be false to you, but it’s not to me.”

Oh yes. The good ole “this is MY experience” card. Well played, sir. Well played.

I stewed on that for a bit. My first thought was to immediately reply back with the greatest rebuttal of all time! Yeah right. Sometimes the best rebuttal is silence.There was no point in addressing the “inflammatory comment” because the conversation was going to turn into an argument of “my truth is better than yours.” Such the case with the comments section these days (definitely more to come on that subject). The short chat made me think. We hold on to our experiences so dearly that they sometimes box us in a corner. I’m certainly guilty of this. It’s just life. Here’s an example.

Policeman are getting a bad wrap these days. So much so until if you state simple facts about police (i.e. X amount of minorities were arrested), then someone will come flying in with a flag of defense. Since all of the highly publicized deaths of citizens, people have become increasingly wary. And so have the police. So now, we have a sizable rift in relations with the very people who are supposed to be protecting us. Why?


Remember, experience is a two way street when you’re interacting with another. A citizen gets arrested, and beaten in the process. That citizen, regardless of if the use of force is justified, can walk away with a sour taste in their mouth. Now, all police are terrible. Or, the citizen says not all police are terrible, but they are extremely cautious of being approached by said group. This same thing goes for police (They are people, too. Ya know?).

Relationships!! Women get played by a dude who they KNEW was no good before they dated them. Then, they run off screaming about how there are no good men around. Or, men get that super fine lady in an exclusive relationship only to find out she’s been creepin (Yes, women do this too). Now, both are afraid to date because they’ve been hurt.

See? Our experiences teach us a great deal about ourselves. They can also hold us back. Especially when discussing issues of societal relevance. In my many conversations in comment sections (It’s a vice), I find the conversation is nothing more than a person speaking from their experience and using it to defend their position. Again, I do it too. The conversation that sparked this blog post made me think about the deception is “my truth.”

People who ascribe to this theory sound like a broken version of Dr. Suess.

One fish
Two fish
Red fish
Blue fish

– Dr. Suess

Let’s translate that to the topic.

Your truth
My truth
Our truth
No truth

– Society

I hate the phrase “my truth”. It’s nothing more than saying I’m right regardless of facts presented to tell me I’m wrong. Utter abhorrence of that phrase. It’s a conversation killer unless the other party agrees with you. So, you both run off in a sea of ignorance because “this is our truth.” Well, what is THE truth?

The truth is this: Not all.

Not all men. Not all women. Not all occupations. Not all races. Not. All.

So, let us remember our past because from that knowledge is gained. That knowledge can be increased if you step out and have a new experience. Treat that officer right. Treat that citizen right. Give that new woman/man a chance. Stop seeing a group of people under one heading. Your one experience does not encompass the entirety of life. So, step out have a new one. A better one.

That  is the truth.

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