My Daily Bread

I really need to get up and get dressed 
But I just want to write
The day awaits me
My office
My chair
My job
All of which I love
However, I just want to take a second to say thank You

For waking me up
For giving me strength
For health
For my daily bread
For the activities of my limbs
For life

Let me live this day as You would want
Let me be pleasing unto Your sight
Let me be a sweet smelling savor
One that would increase Your delight

Forgive me of my sins
Purge me
Wash me
Sanctify me
Make me whole
Let the Holy Ghost shower down upon me
Lead me and guide me in all truth

I’ll be so careful to give Your name praise
To glorify You
To honor You
To reverence You
For You deserve it all
And much more than I could ever give
I just want to say

Thank You

I love You

In Jesus name I pray


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  1. shielders anonymous says:

    And every blood washed believer said….. Amen!

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