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What does the phrase “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mean?

I hear this as political rhetoric from those who feel like they’ve worked to get to their current societal position. I believe the phrase alludes to having no help to get there. The phrase baffles me, honestly. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t have some help along the way. However, it seems to be that a lot of people have forgotten where they came from. Or, they use their hardworking story as a means to alienate someone else. So, why are we acting like we did everything ourselves?

I’m looking around in America and there is a huge argument about welfare and assistance. I find some people (most really) have something negative to say on this subject. It seems to me that these people believe there’s a fair chance for everyone when life isn’t that simple.

The irony is the same people who think they are financially stable are about two paychecks away from needing assistance. They won’t be able to get it because they make too much money. What then?

Circumstances go awry for all of us. Some worse than others. Why look down on another because you think they haven’t “pulled themselves up by their bootstraps.” In all reality, you didn’t either. Somebody gave you a break. In fact, you have received plenty of chances. And mercy. We all have. Remember this as you travel through life. Someone helped you. So, pay it forward.

Lend a hand.

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  1. Eddie Gilliam says:

    I like that. I put powerful. I heard that saying all my life used it myself a few times, never looked at it as you put it. Lend a Hand is the theme I used for my signature email text.

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    1. Jarrod Brown says:

      That’s where I got it. I actually thought of you when I wrote it 🙂


  2. Nice thought. We all have that someone in our life that lent us a hand in time of need… so why not be that someone for others? 🙂

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  3. Uggs Botas says:

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    1. Jarrod Brown says:

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you are enjoying it! 🙂


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