What’s Your End Game?

So, before I started a blog, I used to weigh in on social issues via Facebook. I would write a longer than normal status regarding whatever was the issue of the day/week/month.

These statuses attracted the ire of some. When it came to matters of race (mostly what I would post about), I’d get blasted six ways from Sunday. Some of my Caucasian friends felt “demonized” (*eye roll*) even though I never said anything against the race. Such is life when you only want to talk, but not listen as well.

Others agreed with me offering different viewpoints or supporting arguments. There’s obviously no problem here because we were on the same page.

Whatever the case, my goal was achieved.

At first, it was to voice my opinion. I’m no different than my other Facebook pundits (Forgive me. I’ve been watching Scandal lately). Then, my goal changed. It was no longer to be heard on a meaningless social media site. The many comments I’ve read on various issues lead me to believe people love their opinion. Not facts. Their opinion. Which, by the way, was not based on ANYTHING factual.

As such, I began to argue with people. I got tired of seeing baseless opinions, some of which were dead wrong (Yes, an opinion can be wrong.) The very essence of communication was lost. I became like the very people I criticize.

People who complain, but do nothing to fix the problem.

I became the person who rants on social media and runs on their merry way thinking I made a difference. In reality, I just debated with someone. The conversation participants left the discussion on our respective soapbox unwilling to listen, but very willing to speak out. Nothing had changed. Something had to change.

My goal had to change.

On Scandal (Yes, I’m late with it *shrugs*), they ask “what’s your end game?” meaning what do you want out of this situation. So here are my blogging goals.

1. Communication. I see people running around screaming, but not listening. Communication is already hard enough. Add the elements of texting and social media, and communication can quickly go awry. We should learn how to talk to each other AND listen.

2. Unity. I love people. More than animals. More than material possessions. I want people to love people. I want people to realize love doesn’t always mean agreeing or acceptance of behavior. It does mean I’ll treat you right though.

3. Understand there is still a standard of right and wrong. This is an entire blog on its own. Right and wrong has become so skewed from a societal perspective. If you’re not down with the popular definition of “rightness”, then you’re crucified. It’s funny to me. You can see in the past 20 years how society has changed its views on certain issues. So why am I suppose to go with its ebb and flow? Rolling with constant change means I lose who I am as a person. I have to have some beliefs to stand on. Beliefs that don’t change regardless of who disagrees. Right and wrong was established by God. No matter what we say, He has the final word.

That’s it. In sure I could delve into more details, but I shan’t. I just hope and pray what I write had a positive affect. If just one person is moved, then I’m successful.

That’s my end game.

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  1. Melody says:

    Jarrod, I agree, God has the final say; he is the Alpha and the Omega. His Word will stand forever! My end game is to see his face in peace and to hear him say, “Well done thy good and faithful servant! “

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  2. Eddie Gilliam says:

    I like how you asseted your goals of why the blog, it’s like a sermon what is my purpose of the message. Did I get the point across to the people? Being argumentative don’t get you no where which you addressed. Keep focus in with the voice of God. He will direct your path.

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