Keepin It 100

Have you ever known someone that “tells it like it is”? I’m talking about those people that consistently yell, “I’M KEEPING IT 100!” Maybe you haven’t heard the 100 phrase. Maybe you have heard, “just sayin!” How ever it comes, it’s apparent these phrases lead people to think they are telling the truth.

No matter what, their view of the situation is the pure, unadulterated truth. The encounters I’ve had with some of these types have been pretty comical. There is really no use in having a conversation because points will not be heard. Now, I admit, I have been one of those that just “keeps it real.” Little did I know I was hurting people’s feelings in the process.

One particular night, I was out and about in my college days. My then girlfriend’s best friend.and I didn’t really get along. In short, drama and silliness. We were at least on cordial speaking terms. She may not have even known that I didn’t like her. In any event, this night she extended an olive branch. She asked me, “Jarrod, what is wrong with me?” She was having some trouble with guys, and needed some advice.I can’t remember what I said, but I made sure to keep it real.

I told the truth.

She stepped back with an astonished look on her face. Tears began to well up in her eyes. Her feelings were crushed. All she had done was ask a simple question. She wanted reassurance that something really wasn’t wrong with her. Instead of recognizing this need, I had taken the opportunity to keep in 100 with her. In the process, I used the truth to eviscerate her feelings. To this day, I feel terrible about this event. She probably doesn’t even remember what happened. I hope she doesn’t anyway.

Sometimes the truth hurts. Let me rephrase that. The truth hurts when it’s not said in love. There’s a way to be honest with tact. After my situation, I learned to approach people with some compassion.


That’s a much needed feeling. The ability to feel what another is feeling and relate to it. The ability to feel. We simply need the ability to feel.

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  1. I always tell the truth. It’s important.

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  2. shielders anonymous says:

    I agree with you Jarrod, most people who are brutally honest are usually brutal in their delivery. There is certainly at least one way to ‘keep it 100″ and do it with love and compassion but most people do not consider that until they are on the receiving end of the ‘realness’. We always critique others people’s delivery and never analyze our own. Now I will say that some people will never understand the reality of where they are unless you are frank with them but those people are few and far between. No matter how devastating the subject matter most people will be accepting if the message is said in genuine love.

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