The Art of Being Offended

Political correctness. I hate it.

It’s not because I want to run around offending everyone. It’s because I hate walking on eggshells. These days, if you say hi to someone the wrong way, then they could potentially be offended. I believe we as a country have mastered the art form of being offended.

America has effectively become one of the most politically correct nations in the history of ever. This era of politically correct nature is especially ridiculous. Flags offend, words offend, looks offend, clothes offend. Offend. Offend. Offend. It’s to the point where I’m like what’s next?

Take the confederate flag for example. A hot button issue amongst people who agree or oppose. The root of the issue is racism and a lack of acknowledgement thereof. That’s another post in itself. Either way you slice it, both sides of the issue are offended by each other. I was baited into a conversation regarding this flag. I left thoroughly offended. Not because I’m offended by the flag, but because I thought she saw me as a person instead of a African-American. I won’t go into detail on the discussion, but I can tell you it got uncomfortably heated quickly. That’s how offensive conversations go. I’d like to state I have personal opinions on this issue, but I won’t address them at this time. In any event,

Christianity! So many people are offended by the name of Jesus. It’s amazing! I feel like this is how things were before He went to the cross. The mere mention of Jesus, God’s Word, God, or the Holy Ghost sends some people into convulsions. If you don’t believe me, then please read any Facebook Page dedicated too or against Christianity. The comments can be viceral whether for or against.

It’s easy to be offended. There are a plethora of issues available  The thing is the reasons to be offended could either be legit or not. It’s that black and white. Overall, it’s up to you to decide if you are going to let certain situations rile you up.I could highlight several issues that will make people erupt, but I shan’t. I want to know what thing:

Why can’t we just talk? Say what needs to be said in a tactful manner, but lay it out on the table? Instead, we walk tip-toeing around each other afraid to say something that could be offensive.

Congratulations, America! We’ve mastered the art of being offended.

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  1. Peter Nunez says:

    Some politically words may not be correct. You are right, Mr. Brown. We’ve indeed mastered the art of being offended. The question is, how can we improve on this matter?

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    1. Jarrod Brown says:

      The only thing I can think of is stop being so petty. Some things don’t deserve attention ya know?

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      1. Peter Nunez says:

        Did Einstein say, The fool reacts, the wise ignores? Your’s a pretty good suggestion.

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  2. shielders anonymous says:

    Intriguing article. I love to people watch and one of the things I have noticed is that most people are usually very careful about not stepping on someone’s toes, literally and figuratively speaking. This err on the side of caution is most often displayed openly and until something offensive is spewed in their direction. It’s even to the point where wrong is overlooked and valid, practical opinions are suppressed by ‘people pleasers’ in office meetings because opposition is equated with being difficult and not being a team player all in the name of not offending someone. I am not usually offended very easily, maybe because I’m sarcastic most often than not and because I grew up around family where tough skin was an everyday essential. I believe people take offense over the pettiest things because they love to play the victim and these days you can sue someone for the stupidest little things. If we would start acting our age and not our shoe size then maybe, just maybe we’d realize that not every single thing deserves a response.

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  3. Eddie Gilliam says:

    Well written


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