Objects in View

Women are beautiful.

Eyes. Hair. Smiles. Personalities. Yes, women are very beautiful creatures created by the hands of God. This beauty cannot be enhanced because they are made in His image. Their beauty is not just in physical attributes. Yes, there may be an initial attraction. However, the treasures of their heart is what makes men want a relationship. It should anyway. This knowledge brings a question to mind.

When did women become objects?

Reading through the Bible, I see where God teaches us to treasure women. I look around today and women are everything but treasured. Some are unjustly labeled as promiscuous. Others are approached and spoken to in an unflattering manner.

Now, this isn’t a new age feminism piece. I’m not going to stand outside with a ridiculous sign chanting for (insert women’s issue). However, I do believe women should be treated with dignity and respect.

Fellas, we have fallen off.

It used to be that we would open doors, pull out chairs, and pay for dinners. Not too long ago, some would even order for their lady. I think ordering for them is stupid though. Get what you want. In any event, men used to be chivalrous. We may not be slaying dragons like a fairytale, but I’ll at least give you my coat when you’re cold. Being a gentlemen was something to be revered.

These days, a guy will get clowned by his crew for being “soft” if he shows any affection towards his girl. I see (and know of) too many guys that are worried about how to sleep with a woman and (multiple) than actually being faithful to the one they have.

Why all of this game?

Can we as men not just be honest with a woman and ourselves? There is nothing wrong with expressing your undying love for your lady. When did that become frowned upon? I knew a couple of guys in college that would do everything in their power to make sure they didn’t get caught cheating. Yet, they all eventually got busted. And they had gorgeous “main chicks.” Why so greedy? Needless drama.

I understand not all men are like this. I would venture to say there are more men who would rather be involved in a committed relationship than those who are bona fide bow wows. However, the dog sect speaks too loudly for the rest of us. Nice guys like myself have to deal with all of the previous guy’s baggage and nonsense. No one has time for that!

All of that hurt because you viewed the woman as a side piece. An object. Are they not more than that?

Yes, they are.

Women I know you’re whistling, applauding, or nodding your head furiously right now. As you should be. However, you also play a part in this situation.


I just mashed toes by the mere mention of that word. I see so many women’s bodies through their clothes. It’s not that I want to or I’m looking for it. It’s just right there in my face. It used to be deep cleavage shirts. Now the style (has been for awhile) is leggings. Leggings were cool until short shirts and hoodies were paired with them. My imagination is left with nothing, and it’s not a pretty sight.

There is a difference between sexy and classy, and straight up trashy. If you dress a certain way, expect a certain approach.

I hear you arguing. “There’s a double standard! I can wear what I want and OWN my sexiness! It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!”

Yes, you can own your sexiness and all of that other new stuff. You can also understand sexiness is more than being proud of your body. Are you intelligent? Don’t you want a guy to love you for your mind? Your sense of humor? The little things that make up your personality? You should. If you use your body to get a man, then you have to use it to keep him. Eventually, he’ll go find the next body that looks better to him.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule. Some women dress modestly and still get harassed. I’ll never discount that. However, dress plays a major part in the objectification of women. In short, some of you turn yourselves into objects. Don’t believe me? You tube a Carl’s Jr commercial with Kate Upton or Kim Kardashian. I’d post the link, but I think it’s too suggestive.

The moment it was deemed acceptable to sell a burger with an oiled up lady in a bikini, women officially lost the battle with objectification. These women are throwing their bodies around over some meat. Some. Meat! This sets women’s fight for equality back at least 50 years.

I’m sure I made someone mad, but that’s no matter. It’s time to take responsibility for our actions men and women. People are more than objects to please the eye.

Let’s start treating each other with respect.

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