The Freeway


I love driving on the freeway. Some people can’t take it, but I’m good as long as I know where I’m going.

My California experience of freeway driving was especially influential. These people are NUTS!! They’ll fly past you, and then cut you off without a second thought. Wherever they have to go must be extremely important. Is almost a survival of the fittest mentality. So, I had to learn to protect myself really quickly.

The freeway could be metaphorical for life in general. We move along at rapid speeds whizzing past exits for opportunity. The only thing that matters is our goal and how fast we reach it. All the while we miss the precious things in life. The gorgeous scenery in front of our eyes becomes a blur in our journey. The people we pass fade into the distance. By the time we look up to ponder their existence, they are long gone from sight. Or, maybe you don’t wonder about them at all. Out of sight, out of mind.

Sometimes we hit a tollway by having to pay for our mistakes. We slow down to deal with the problem, but speed up again when life is good. Or, we just take the fastrak and pay later. These tollways may prove to be costly in the long run. Yet, and still we speed up to move on towards our destination. Maybe the tollway was a warning of things to come.

I do love driving on the freeway. It’s much faster than the slowness of North Dakota. However, sometimes it’s ok to slow down, and appreciate my surroundings. The same goes for life. 

Slow down, look up, and see the beauty of God’s blessings in front of you.

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  1. shielders anonymous says:

    Refreshing insight! ☺


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