The Tale of the Pink Pants

Fashion choices can be quite the conundrum! If you care to put in the time to look good, then you have a lot to think about. Colors. Shades. Sizes. Patterns. Matching. Blending. Styles. Statements. Don’t wear pink and burgundy together (guilty). Make sure you clash your patterns effectively. Make sure your clothes fit (I’m not a fashion buff, but that should be rule #1).

Who made all of these rules up?

Now, I have to say, I’m not your average jeans and a t-shirt guy. I pay attention to fashion. We can all thank my mother for this as she kept me in the mall for hours as a little kid. It was our Saturday tradition. We would be in the mall for at least 2-4 hours every Saturday when I was about 5-6 years old. During our shopping time, my mom would try clothes on, peruse other selections, and chat with her shopping buddy on what was cute. I learned the concept of patience at an early age. I guess it didn’t matter as long as  I ate, and we were home by the time WCW Saturday Night aired. Pro. Wrestling. Baby!

As I grew up, my mom started asking me if certain skirts, blouses, dress suits, and sweaters were cute. To this day, we have this conversation. I learned to give an honest opinion on women’s clothing without ogling at a woman’s body (take that feminists!!). This would prove to weird some of my girlfriends out in later years. Some weren’t used to a guy that actually paid attention to his appearance, and could have an honest fashion conversation as well. Wild, huh? So, now that you’re caught up on my fashion history, I have a confession to make.

I’ve got a thing for pink.

Yup. Pink and my dark chocolate skin tone go quite well together. Wearing pink shirts is no longer taboo. The “Tough Enough to Wear Pink” campaign made it popular for guys to wear this color. So, I haven’t received much grief about wearing pink. It’s the in thing, ya know?

Until I bought some pink pants.

Wanna see?

20151107_224304 (2)

Glorious!! Ralph Lauren comes through in the clutch with such a vibrant color!

One rule about fashion that I forgot to mention is………… Have. Confidence.

In this day and age, people will talk about your clothing choices like a dog. We live in a very vocal, yet politically correct time. It’s not okay to talk loudly about someone, but just in our inner circle. Strangers get talked about among friends on a daily basis. They forget there is a PERSON wearing the clothes. Some of the remarks hurt. We need to stop that mess. Brush it off and keep moving. These people do not define your style (if you know what your style is). Now, there are some outfits that make me turn my head (not in a good way). Like the one older lady at Longhorn Steakhouse. She came in with what appeared to be a white church hat/wedding veil, a red sweater, and jeans. This one threw me off, but to keep from laughing during these times I remind myself that may be all she has. I don’t know her, ya know?

Some people feign themselves to be fashion experts. We can thank this obsession with fashion to the media’s incessant coverage of red carpet events. “Oh look!! Kerry Washington wore a Vera Wang! Doesn’t she look gorgeous?!” If another “analyst” thinks differently, then they voice their opinion. “Oh no! I think this dress does not fit her body type at all. Very unflattering.”

You get the point.

There really is no need for these type of remarks. It makes American society believe we can weigh-in in real life. People aren’t ready for that. In the case of the pink pants, I generally receive compliments. However, I’m not oblivious to the eye-popping double takes (these are quite funny) I have received from men and women alike. No matter though.

I look fresh.

Not arrogance. No defensiveness. I don’t need to lash out at you because you talk about my clothes. I’m certain. I’m poised. I’m courageous. I’m assured.

I. Am. Confident.

20151107_224419 (1)

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  1. Eddie Gilliam says:

    Clothes say alot about a person character. Clothes do not make a man, a man makes the clothes.


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