Thank You

It’s November which means it’s the yearly time to give thanks. People gear up for Thanksgiving by reflecting on their blessings. Life. Health. Strength. Family. God is good! Usually, people will update their Facebook statuses daily to profess their thankfulness.

Not this year.

I have not seen one post being thankful for anything. We are so caught up in the  latest turmoil that we haven’t stopped to realize our blessings. In the wake of the Paris attacks (and other attacks that weren’t highly publicized), people argue with each other over politics.

Right now, heated debates are going on over Syrian refugee placement in America. ISIS is a threat, and people are scared. I get it. We don’t want to just give free access and make it easy for something catastrophic to happen in America again. We don’t want another 9/11. I understand. However, that’s short-sighted. Not all of these refugees are terrorists, but in typical American fashion some have labeled them as such. People are now citing the need to help our homeless veterans before we help the Syrian refugees.

Really? Really??! Now you care??

All of a sudden folks care about the homeless which irks me. Why? Because they are using a group of less fortunate people as an excuse for political reasons. While I understand some people genuinely feel the need to help the assist the homeless, the need to help these people was prevalent before the possibility of Syrian refugees entering this country came into fruition. Where were we then? What were we doing to help? Not as much as we could. Sitting in our houses while they were on the street cold and hungry. Whizzing past people on the corner with “I NEED FOOD” signs because we are afraid to get swindled. Posting videos of kind acts to the less fortunate just to get viral fame.

What a shame it is, America.

Here we are with a roof over our heads, an abundance of food and clothing, and our noses in the air. Shame on us for not realizing God’s blessings in our lives. Taking life for granted while another is struggling to survive. We are an entitled nation, and that needs to stop. We need to reflect on the goodness of God in our lives. That should make us a little more humble. With that being said, I ask you this.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. shielders anonymous says:

    I am thankful for salvation, life, my family (church and home) and opportunities to pursue my dreams!

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  2. Eddie Gilliam says:

    I am thankful for my family and friends, life.

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