The Validation of Blogging


Blogging is quite the adventure.

Since I started A Fresh Voice, I’ve ran into a host of thoughts and questions. Wanting to be discovered or Freshly Pressed. How do I get noticed? What do I write? How long should it be? Will this offend someone? Am I prepared to defend this thought? Did I explain myself clearly? How often should I post?

There is a great deal of thought that goes into this.

Blogging is not simply creating a page and people flocking to read your posts. It’s a creative outlet. It’s your thoughts, feelings, memories, experiences, and knowledge all rolled into one. In all of that, the blog is less about you and more about what you have to offer. That’s one of the first lessons I learned before I even wrote my first post.

What can others gain from my blog?

Now, this would be an easy question to answer if this was a how to blog. Something like cooking or DIY is pretty self-explanatory in terms of what they offer their readers. A travel blog is along the same lines. My blog? Well…… let’s just say I have a taste for social issues.

These issues are tense situations that call for a strong position. I don’t usually mince words, so I expect backlash on certain subjects. However, no matter how much backlash I think I’m going to receive, the feeling of knowing someone is reading brings me joy.

Knowing what God has blessed me to write is touching people near and far is amazing to say the least. I’m flabbergasted because I don’t think people are really paying attention. I know my posts automatically get published to Facebook. However, people see so many articles in their feed that I figure mine get overlooked.

But, people actually read my writing…

That always amazes me. The positive feedback I get is humbling. I don’t think I’m doing anything special, but to someone else it may be just that.

To God be the Glory!

This is my validation as a blogger.

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