From My Window

Someone just told me
“I see you write poetry”
But I haven’t in awhile
So I thought I would
Grace the poetry scene
Once again

“Well, where have you been?”
Watching the world from my window
Living life on the go
Seeing all that needs to change
Praying this world doesn’t stay the same

Reading the news seeing hate spew
To the masses who ingest
Civil unrest is brewing
All the while I’m stewing
At America’s regress

Ethan Couch skips the country
Affluenza must have made him sick
Militia sieze a federal building in Oregon
Armed, dangerous, and ready to pick
Off anyone that doesn’t agree with the origin
Of their cause

Where is the law?
Surely this can’t be real
Tamir dies and we are told to deal
It’s unreal
So surreal
Jesus please heal
The hearts of these people

So, you see, I’ve been right here
My mind is trying to process
This message of alleged progress
But all I see is fear
Watching the world from my window

– Jarrod Brown © 2016

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