10 Minutes to Write

Good morning folks!!


What can you write when you only have 10 minutes to finish? I would venture to say not much, but I’ll give it a try.

This morning I woke up to pitch black and the buzzing of a space heater going. This is my usual morning, except I’m scrambling to get out of bed and get you work on time. This sets the tone for my day. I feel like I’m chasing something I can never catch.

If only I had gotten up earlier.

That doesn’t mean the day won’t be good. It does mean I have to get to a place where I can settle myself and pray. It means I have to resist the temptations/distractions of social media and the latest piece for my blog.  These can be distracting. Especially when the mood to write his me.

Who wants to go to work when ideas are flowing forth?

From the brain to the fingertips, out into the world to read. But then, there’s that work thing. So I can’t write until I get home. And there’s so much more I want or need to be doing with my time. If I had 24 more hours in a day, then I would still feel rushed because I’m a procrastinator.

Time to turn things around.

10 minutes is up! Gotta get this day started!

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