Can You Hear Me?

Well guys, I made it to 100!!

Yes, you are reading the 100th post here at A Fresh Voice: Thoughts, Opinions, and Truth. How exciting!! I’ve discussed a lot of subjects over the past five months, and I’ve come to realize something about myself.

I’m a pretty passionate guy.

This passion causes me to step up on my soapbox on various issues. Once I’m there, I’m there for a bit, and some can’t handle it. It’s okay. I’m not everyone’s cup of  Earl Grey. However, through recent conversation I’ve come to realize my passion for life and people may be misconstrued for hatred. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yet, it’s a knock on my character. So, what do I do? How do I discuss taboo subjects without stepping on someone’s toes?

I can’t. And I don’t plan on finding a way to be pleasing to everyone.

Who has time for that? People are so incredibly fickle that I’d lose who I am trying to cater to individual personalities. The bottom line is people are going to think what they think. The purpose of these blogs is for discussion. Meaningful discussion. Not the “I need to tell you off while you listen” stuff. We have too much of that going on already. Substantial conversation is a way to see another’s viewpoint. It’s also a way to see where your view is flawed. Yes, we have flawed views. Some may not want to accept that, but it’s a fact of life. We aren’t always right. Or, when we are right, we still can’t see the forest for the trees. Something I’m learning as I continue to write is the validity of my point can be negated by the ferocity in which I relay it.

This means I have to tell the truth in love.

So, I will continue to do that. Just know I’ve never been the type to beat around the bush. I feel as though issues should be addressed upfront and honestly albeit in a tactful manner. That’s what I try to do when I discuss heavy issues. Race, class, parenting, religion, and political issues are not going way. The only way to progress is to be educated on the them. As such, I’ll lay out information and try to keep my opinion mum. I’d rather let you draw your own conclusions on the matter.

And that’s what I’ll continue to do.

That being said, here’s to the next 100 posts on A Fresh Voice. I’ll continue to write, and be ready to discuss. Especially about those subjects that get me on my soapbox.

Can you hear me?

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  1. I dropped by just browsing around WordPress. I found your articles on race-related issues to be thoughtful. I enjoyed reading! I share your concerns about bad behavior on social media. Those avenues are better constructed for ease of discussion than blogs, but so much of it reminds me of what happens to behavior when teachers step out of an elementary school class. The paper wads start flying. Congratulations on your establishment of a welcoming environment. We can all extend peace in the world, room by room, space by space.

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    1. Jarrod Brown says:

      Hey thanks for taking the time to read! I appreciate it. I really try to create a place where true discussion occurs, so I’m glad you said that! I totally agree with you. I read so much on social media that is very concerning. The thing is, these thoughts aren’t new. People just feel they have a protected platform to air their unfiltered thoughts. That is one reason why I started blogging.

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      1. I started because in the course of moving from one state to another, I had to wait an unexpected FOUR MONTHS for the new place to grant me reciprocal health care licenses, before I could legally apply for jobs.

        I had nothing to do but sit on my mother’s couch waiting for the mail, so I started writing. I got too busy to post regularly after 350 or so, but I still enjoy reading and commenting when I have a spare hour.


  2. Laura says:

    Congrats on hitting 100! Keep on keeping it real…

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    1. Jarrod Brown says:

      Thanks Laura!! It’s been quite the journey so far. I’m glad we linked up! You keep it just as real as me 🙂


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