Tailor Made

I live in a world where sweatpants rule.

Everywhere I turn, men and women alike are donning sweats, yoga pants, hoodies, leggings, or pajamas. Gone are the days where people preferred to look like they showered. Gone are the days where people dressed in a manner that represented their name. The days where people took pride in their appearance. Not of a superficial nature. I think back to the 60’s when Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X dressed up on a daily basis. Even if you didn’t wear a suit, you liked nice. Khakis and a cardigan with a button up shirt. It was universally understood the type of clothes worn creates a certain image. Whatever message you wanted to send could be conveyed through an outfit. Today’s generation is long gone from this thought process.

Or, so they think.

The clothes you wear still tell a story. It could be simple such as “they just went to the gym” or it could be more complex like “he must be thuggish.”  Our appearance tells a lot about us even when the assumption is wrong. Understanding type of profession and environment (i.e. gym, mall, etc…), it seems as though overall fashion sense in America has relaxed to the point of waking up and walking out the door. It’s like, “Did you even brush your teeth?”


Don’t judge, I know.

The name of the game these days is being stylish and comfortable. That’s understandable. No one wants to feel stuffy and constricted in their clothes. Thus, stylish comfort has taken over the middle class fashion realm. However, I’m not about that action boss.

There’s just something about rocking a suit and tie.

Two, three, or four button. Two or three piece. Zoot. Double breasted. Window pane. Shadow Stripped. Plaid. Checkered. Traditional, modern, or slim fit. Freshly pressed shirts with ties to match. Colors galore with prints to clash and a pocket square to pull it all together. Let’s not forget the right pair of dress shoes to finish the look. I guess I need to correct myself.

There’s nothing like wearing a suit.

A nice suit, shirt, and tie changes the game. It gives me a professional mindset. As such, I have to carry myself that way. Now, I understand suits aren’t for everybody. I tell you what though, it’s amazing how much better you feel when you clean up.

Gentleman, I challenge you to step up your fashion game. On a regular day, put a suit on (if you have one), and venture out into public. See if wearing a suit is tailor made for you.

Trust me, it’s better than you think.





[Image Credit Spot Television]

[GIF Credit Giphy]

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