Friday Feeling and Monday Blues

Friday is here!! Let’s us praise God for carrying us through another week!

People love Friday because it signals so many good things. The weekend! Time off to relax, enjoy family, and hang with friends. Summer time Fridays mean camping trips, lake or beach fun, and grilling outside. The sun is shining with a slight breeze. Not a cloud in the sky. Whatever the outdoor activity, Friday makes it that much better.

Fridays are a reminder that life is not always work.

Yes, people love Fridays. I certainly do. I even walk into work more relaxed knowing that I get to sleep in the next day. I would venture to say others feel the same. That’s why Fridays are held in such high esteem. Some would hail it as the greatest day of the week! However, there is one fact no one mentions about Friday.

When Friday comes, Monday is only two days away.

You never thought of it like that, huh? It’s a pretty pessimistic view, I know. Nonetheless, it’s the truth. The only reason this view is considered pessimistic is because people hate Mondays.

The work week starts while freedom and fun fade off into distant memory. The cares of the world seem to be a little bit heavier on your shoulders. Monday is the girl that broke up with you for another dude. And you always see them in public. It stirs up feelings of angst and longing for the memories of the good ole days when Friday was around. Eventually, you get over the angst and move forward, but not without griping first. That’s how people view Mondays.

Honestly, is Monday really that bad?

I’ve always wondered why Monday gets such a bad wrap. Can you tell me? I see Mondays like this. You wake up, get dressed, and go to work (school for those that are of age). You have an activity for the evening (mine is watching wrestling) or you relax. You eat dinner with the family, and then you go to bed. Out of all things I listed which one would you eliminate simply because it’s Monday?

A) You woke up
B) You have clothes to wear
C) You have food to eat
D) You have a job/Opportunity to learn for a job
E) You have a family to enjoy
F) You have a roof over your head and a place to sleep

Which one goes because Monday is so terrible? I’ll let you answer that.

I understand that is a broad scenario. Obviously life may not be that simple for everyone. However, Monday means we are blessed with a new day. The blessings of a new day are many such as listed above. Personally, I’m not a fan of asking someone how they are doing only to hear, “I’m pretty good…… for a Monday.” Or the famous Office Space line, “Someone has a case of the Mondays!!” My response is usually,  “Well, it’s better than the alternative!” If you’re wondering, then I’ll have you know the alternative to being alive on Monday is death. Yup, I take it there. Why?

Too many people take life for granted.

I find that most don’t stop to enjoy every day that is given to them. Life is a gift. Why waste it complaining about the day of the week? Why not be thankful to God for being around to see the day? Someone went to sleep Sunday night that didn’t wake up Monday morning. Remember that when you go to complain about Monday. At least you’re around to see it.

Carry that Friday feeling into Monday folks. Life is good.


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