He That Believeth

I live in a world where I’m shunned for being a Christian. I am mocked. I am ridiculed. My intelligence is questioned. I am verbally abused. All of this because I believe in Jesus.

This isn’t a surprise to me because Jesus Himself was shunned by the crowd. He was mocked, beaten, and spat on. So, I expect to be scorned and persecuted. What I do find to be amazing is the double standards imposed by those who don’t believe. For example, it is politically incorrect to pray in the name of Jesus in a public setting. In fact, it is politically incorrect to mention Jesus in any public setting outside of casual conversation and church. Doing so may offend people who do not believe. However, other religions can pray and acknowledge their god with no problem. If one is an atheist, then they’ll scream to the rooftops how they don’t believe in anything. They can do so without any second thoughts. I, on the other hand, am supposed to remain silent.

How is that fair? It’s not.

Another example. If I’m having a conversation with a non-believer about God, then I am labeled as “shoving my beliefs down their throats.” On the flip side, I am supposed to listen (with open ears and mind) to other’s beliefs. I am to remain silent, yet understanding while doing so.

These are just some occurrences that come with being a Christian. Like I said earlier, this is what Jesus encountered. If I profess Christ as my Lord and Savior, then I will be tested just as He was. There’s no use in complaining as I have God to lead and guide me. He’s got every situation I mentioned (and more) under control. I just wanted to give some perspective to what Christians face today.

The world seems to be getting worse, too. People are unabashedly denouncing Christ. They have no fear, or shame, in telling me I’m wrong. That was what I encountered on Twitter a couple of days ago. Long story short, two subjects were trending about Jesus. I expressed my elation in a Tweet. When God let’s you see other’s praising Him (especially via social media), you want to join in! That’s what I did. I received a response confronting my beliefs. I was told God is a fairytale, and I’m not courageous for believing in a myth. I had civil discourse with the person. The one way to lose my witness with a person who already doesn’t believe is to snap at them for not believing. That doesn’t make sense. In that, I did my best to direct them to God. I didn’t thump my Bible. I told him to pray. Seeing this person didn’t want a civil conversation, I bid him adieu.

I don’t say much to people that challenge my beliefs. After all, it takes a wise man to win a soul for Christ. Thus, there is no need in arguing about God’s word. His standard will remain regardless of who says what. However, I draw the line when people tell me the following:

  1. God doesn’t exist
  2. Jesus is a myth
  3. Asking me nonsensical questions about the Bible
  4. Blame God for all of the evil in the world

I’m not debating with folks about any of that. Don’t ask me why children are starving. Especially when you aren’t doing anything to feed said starving children. Don’t ask me why there are no cures for cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc. I don’t know. Pray and ask God. Don’t ask me philosophical Bible questions thinking you’re going to get an argument. You’re not. Don’t ask me why God allows terrorist activity, human trafficking, or any other evil occurrence. I have no clue. Again, pray and ask Him. Don’t tell me I believe in a fairytale, and I need to be intellectually honest with myself. You don’t even deserve a response, and you won’t get one.

I don’t need to defend why I love the Lord. He’s good all by Himself. So, I’m not fighting.

It would be one thing if someone wanted to have an honest conversation about God. I’m definitely here for that. However, those that are trying to be antagonistic, or convert my beliefs need not try.

I absolutely will not be swayed.

My convictions are rooted and grounded in Jesus. There isn’t a man on this Earth who will make me believe anything different. He that believeth shall have everlasting life.

I believe.

[Image Source: Flickr via Art4TheGlryofGod]

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