Life is Good

It’s been a while, readers of A Fresh Voice!! How’ve you been? Have you done anything interesting since we last communicated? Traveled? Made your favorite dish from scratch (or ordered pizza)? Have you gone to the gym or any other extracurricular activities? What about the heavy topics we talk about? How does the state of the nation look to you? Are you loving your neighbor more today than you did yesterday?

Myself? I have been busy ripping and running here and there. Life is full of experiences. Even when I’m not writing about them, things still happen. One thing remains consistent.

People will be people.

This could be a good or bad thing depending on who you encounter. Some folks are grouchy crabby patties. I don’t pay them any attention. Chances are they are crabby about something else that has nothing to do with you. So, don’t take it personally. Others are happy, joyful people that love life. These are the type of people I like to surround myself with, and I had a chance to do so lately. I’ve experienced more good than bad in the last couple of months, and I thank God for that.

I recently went to Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas for WrestleMania. Yes, that’s WWE. Yes, I know it’s “fake.” Nonetheless, I’m a hardcore wrestling fan, and I dug every single second of my experience. What left me in awe were the people I met. To give a clear picture, WrestleMania took place at AT&T Stadium. For those who don’t know, that means I was where the Dallas Cowboys play football. Here’s what it looked like.


That right there is approximately 100,000 wrestling fans packed into Cowboy Stadium with their phones lit up. People came from all over the world (literally) to watch these wrestlers perform. We chanted. We sang. We got excited. We were disgusted. We all became emotionally engulfed in the product. We were vastly different people with one common interest.

What an incredibly beautiful experience!!

Not once did I hear any caterwauling or prolonged bickering amongst fans. There were no huge political outbursts. No one scrapped over why their favorite wrestler was better than another. People were affable. They fed off of each other’s excitement. They were enjoying themselves with the company of complete strangers.

This is how the world should be.

We all have our differences, whether they be physical, mental or emotional. However, those differences shouldn’t stop me from loving you as a person. For all of the ugliness I read on the internet, this one event made me realize the power of personal interaction. I was able to talk to people foreign to me, and hold a non-strained conversation for 4-5 hours. I could randomly walk up to people in a gym and ask how they enjoyed themselves at the event (Yes, I actually did this). I could talk to different people in the airport at about wrestling. Most were more than willing to hold a conversation.

That was awesome!

So much goes on in life that we rarely stop to enjoy the people in our moments. It could be a random stranger or lifelong friends. Whatever the case, people make this life so much more interesting. Let’s put aside the hate for another. Let’s love each other a little bit more.

Think about it. Life is good.

[Image Credit Flickr via Daxis]

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