The Start of Something Great

I’m a big supporter of Mondays. Well,  more than your average person anyway. Why is that? It’s a brand spanking new day! That’s something to be echoed about right? I’d say so. Sadly, I see the opposite in people.

Most of the time I run into people who take Mondays for granted. Instead of being excited, they complain. “How are you?” The response is, “Pretty good…… for a Monday.” I hear this all of the time and it annoys me. What does that even mean? It gives such a negative connotation to the day. Is the alternative better? Why is Monday so bad?

Let’s see.

The work week starts. We have to deal with people again. We didn’t finish all of our cleaning the past weekend. We certainly didn’t get enough time to relax. Kids have sporting events which has you running around the city. In my case, church is all day Sunday (I don’t begrudge that). Before you know it, the weekend is over and Monday is here to smack you in the face with the regular routine. Then, we dream of the weekend as we wearily stroll in to our jobs.

Does that sound right? It doesn’t to me. Let’s flip that attitude around.

It’s Monday!! You have a job and transportation to get there. You have family that you spent two glorious days with (sometimes glorious). You went to church and God blessed you. He continued those blessings by sleeping you to see another day.

That’s a whole lot better.

At times, I believe we fail to see how our attitudes shape our day. Instead of dreading Mondays why don’t we celebrate them? Think about it. It’s a new day to make a lasting impact on someone. Another chance to better yourself. For all, it’s another day to get right with the Lord. Monday has a lot of opportunities. We just don’t see it.

Today is Monday April 25, 2016. I know you’re alive because you’re reading this. What are you going to do with your day?

It could be the start of something great.


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