Two Cents and Change

We live in the age of opinions. Everybody has one, and we are more than willing to share it.

It’s quite the interesting era to say the least. People no longer look for truth. Rather, they cling to their viewpoint even when the facts are slapping them in the face.

I can guarantee you have said or heard someone say, “Well, it’s my opinion and everyone is entitled to one.” This phrase is usually used when facts have slipped said person’s grasp, and the only thing they have to hold on to is their view. People are so enamored with their opinions that they hold them to be absolute truth. I encounter this on a daily basis via whatever comments section I’m reading. Social media, and the premise of anonymity, have created bona fide monsters. You can, and will read, some of the wildest thoughts on various subjects. And the justification for said thought is astounding(ly wrong). I often leave the comments section having learned something valuable amazed, and saddened, at the state of the world. Strangely, this was not the case in a recent video I watched.

My friend put up a snippet of R. Kelly doing an interview with the Huffington Post. Long story short, Kelz was questioned about his lyrics and his infamous sex tape of him and an underage girl. Tweets were read about being conflicted regarding R. Kelly the person, and R. Kelly the musician/entertainer.

This did not sit well with Robert.

Caroline, the interviewer, and R. Kelly had a somewhat tense exchange. Subsequently, R. Kelly took off his mic and left the set. During the middle of the interview! After watching, I immediately went to the comments section. I knew this was going to be a good read.

The debate was on.

Let’s face it y’all, Kelz is a hit maker. This guy has been doing this since the early 1990’s. That’s around 20-25 years worth of solid hits. Platinum status. He’s made MILLIONS as a musician. The guy knows what he’s doing in the studio. From what I understand, he’s a good live entertainer as well. On the flip side, R. Kelly can make anything sound sexual.


If you’ve ever listened to his music, then you’ll know 99 percent of it deals with a sexual metaphor or scenario. Apparently, this is enough to keep him relevant because he’s still around.

Pressing on.

I watched the entire interview, and read comments defending both parties. The next day I was getting dressed for work, and I thought about who was right or wrong in this situation. I was starting to form my opinion when I heard myself say….

I don’t need to have an opinion about that.

I was surprised by this notion, but I quickly caught on to the idea. And I liked it!

What good comes of me giving my opinion on that situation? What am I trying to prove? Who would completely misconstrue my words? Would there be constructive conversation? How would God see it? In the context of the comments section, it’s rare to find educated, intelligent discourse. Usually, it’s a fight.

Nope. My opinion is not needed here.

Now, that’s a tough pill for some to swallow. Some treat their opinions like rare jewels from Egypt. International treasures. As such, they will internally combust if they do not share dais opinion with the world.

Is it really that serious though?

Sometimes it’s best to be silent, and give certain situations no thought. We encounter so much turmoil that we’ve become desensitized to it. Shootings, police brutality, civil unrest, political campaigning, war, etc. Our minds are inundated with turmoil. Some things we cannot avoid as they are top news stories. Or, they are constantly being advertised. However, there are some situations that get unwarranted attention. So, why not shut those situations off? They don’t need your time, attention, or emotion.

Instead of firing our beloved opinions from the hip (so frequently), hold on to them.  Better yet, understand you don’t need to have an opinion on every situation.

Well… take it for what it’s worth. It’s only my two cents and change.

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