America On Fire

I cringe as I watch America’s presidential election unfold before my eyes.

To be clear, I don’t have any interest in the frontrunners for the Republican, Democratic, or Libertarian parties. In fact, I believe there’s corruption in ALL of the political parties. Probably more than we know. I shake my head at my friends who so adamantly ascribe to one party because they miss the idea of what’s right. That being said, I have one question.

Do we realize the world is watching us?

As American citizens, we should be ASHAMED at all of the mess that’s going on in our presidential election. Classicism, sexism, and racism are running rampant amongst our presidential candidates. We have Trump and Cruz who argue about the looks of their respective wives. The claim has also been made (by Trump) that Cruz’s father had a role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jr. (one of the nation’s most beloved Presidents). Cruz had been accused of marital infidelities (in the middle of the campaign might I add. Hillary has been accused of lying on several fronts. People vilify her for the events of Benghazi (after seeing the movie I understand why they do). Bernie has been tagged as a socialist which might as well be a communist in America. And these are the people who we are choosing to run the country? I say to you, these people are a direct reflection on the state of our nation.

And the world is watching!!

We are erupting in political protests that borderline riots. We are attacking each other on social media over laws (and man-made morality), presidential candidates, and religious beliefs. We are dividing more and more over the most frivolous subjects (I got yelled at today about Steph Curry. Steph. Curry…). We fling baseless accusations at one another instead of having an intelligent conversation. We lack compassion where it’s needed. A simple perusing of a Facebook comments section will show you that. I’ve said it before, and I have to reiterate.

We. Are. Divided.

The very people who are supposed to be uniting us as a country are only opening the wound more.

And the world is watching!!

Not only are they watching, some are LOVING what they feel is the demise of America. They sit and enjoy the constant turmoil. The unrest. The controversy in our headlines. The contention in our streets. The dissension in our neighborhoods. The snobs who sit at home and think their above community problems.

America is on fire, ladies and gentlemen. It started with our leaders, and it’s trickling down to the masses. It doesn’t look pretty.

[Image Credit Flickr via Mike McCune]

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  1. Jody Seurer says:

    Great piece. The decline of morality in our country is something that bothers my greatly. I am reminded of the quote, “We should not raise our children to live in a cruel and heartless world; we should teach our children to make the world less cruel and heartless.” Or something to that effect…

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  2. It doesn’t look pretty at all!!!

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    1. Jarrod Brown says:

      Not at all, Jason! I’m at a loss for words at the ugliness I see from people top to bottom. I guess that’s not a good thing since we blog lol..

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      1. Hahaha at least it provides post fodder. 👌😉

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      2. Jarrod Brown says:

        It certainly does!! 🙂

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