Say Thank You

In the scheme of relationships, compliments play a huge role. I’m not talking about the meaningless “You’re so fine I’d drink your bathwater!” nonsense (If you think about it, that’s really gross!!). I mean showing appreciation when your significant other doesn’t feel the best. Be it looks, emotionally, or physically, compliments can really boost one’s confidence.

That is if the other accepts it.

Sometimes when the compliment is given, the significant other rejects it like Lebron’s chase down blocks. Boo thang rears back and swats the compliment off the court. With it went the good intentions and positive conversation. These discussions go something like this.

“Babe, you are so pretty. I love your smile.”
“Ugh! Babe! I don’t even have makeup on!”
“I think you’re even prettier without makeup.”
“Okay babe.” *Rolls eyes*

Or, how about this one.

“I really like that outfit on you!”
“Oh my goodness!! I feel like a whale!”
“Well, I think you look pretty.”

An uneasy thank you follows and the subject turns the corner to some other obscure topic.

What a fruitless conversation, huh? I mean what’s the point? A person extends themselves only to be inadvertently shot down. It’s not like the significant other meant to completely blow up the spot,  However, questioning the compliment does give off a why even try feeling. Especially when it’s constant. In a politically correct world where it’s a crime to compliment a woman, I have one question.

Why can’t you just accept the affection?

Maybe it’s hard for you? I dunno. All I know is if someone truly appreciates what you bring to the table, then you should be thankful.Think about it. Too many relationships are cold and emotionless. The affection shown during the honeymoon phase is all but absent. Instead, both of you are chilling on the couch eating Lays and watching MSNBC. Where did the fire go?

Where’s the appreciation?

That is one of the driving forces of relationships. If you love someone, then you appreciate them. In turn, that appreciation is accepted and reciprocated. It keeps the relationship fresh and exciting. No one wants to be with a person who doesn’t see their own worth (unless you are aiding them in their pity party). On the flipside, no one wants to consistently give of themselves and hear why they are wrong.

In short, stop that mess.

The next time someone compliments you, say thank you.

[Image Credit Flickr via Lora Huber]


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  1. meena1194 says:

    Appreciation means a lot!. Such a beautiful piece of writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jarrod Brown says:

      Thanks Meena!! I don’t think we as a people appreciate others like we should. There would be a lot less problems if we did. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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