The 4th of July

Today is the 4th of July, America’s independence day.

People across the country will gather together, fire up the grills, make succulent food, pull out the slip-n-slides, light off fireworks, and have fun with family and friends. Pray for a sunny day because rain on the 4th is a downer. People want to be outside enjoying themselves. I look forward to the food portion of the day in particular.

Whatever you have in store, I pray you enjoy yourselves!

I was thinking about how to write this particular post. Should I talk about the state of the country? No. I talk about that enough. Any other big issue? Nah, I don’t want to do that either. So, how about something different.

Most of my lifetime, the 4th of July has been nothing but fun-filled activities. My cousins would be around, and we would run ourselves ragged playing. Baseball. One-on-one basketball tournaments. Ramping bikes on the curb. Skateboarding. Football in the street. Watching fireworks at night. The fourth of July was prime time to kick it in the summer. The historical significance? That only mattered when I needed to take a history test. For as much as the 4th means, it was never a holiday where I sent out well wishes. Merry Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Easter! Wishing someone a happy 4th didn’t sound like it fit.

Until this year.

I found myself wishing people a happy 4th of July as a means to connect with my fellow Americans. I did this with a genuine love for people and the freedoms we enjoy in this country. Love is lacking from top to bottom in this country. From the vicious character attacks in our presidential race to our lack of empathy for the poor. Our love towards one another has greatly waned.

Let’s go back to being a country that loves one another.

Happy 4th of July! Be safe, and God bless!

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