The Microphone

So many voices scream and shout
Everyone wants to be heard
But no one can hear
Because we cancel each other out
Voices with no words

So many voices misunderstood
Everyone needs to speak
But no one can hear
If only they could
They think silence makes them weak

So many voices loud and proud
Everyone has a point
But no one can hear
Over this chaotic crowd
It’s time to shake up this joint

“Hello? Is this on?
Can you hear me now?
Silence please.
Everyone calm down.
Give ear to these words.
Everyone gather ’round.”

Have we really made progress
When we refuse to address
The stress that has us stressed?

The same problems of our fathers
Came in while we slept
While we were at ease in Zion
We ignored the roaring lion
Seeking to devour our people.

No matter how many voices
Have something to say
The one we should hear
Is the One that guides our choices
He is the only Way

The Truth, and the Life
He died for your sins
But He rose. He’s not dead
If you cease from strife
You may enter in

Receive Him now
Open your heart
Don’t wait another minute
Make the vow
It’s time to start.”

So many voices cry with one accord
Everyone has a need
Everyone can hear now
He is our Savior and Lord
Let Him take the lead

Jarrod Brown © 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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