Letters to My Younger Self: Kid J

Dear Kid J,

Hey!! How’ve you been since I last wrote you? It looks like you’ve grown up!

How old are you now? Eight, right? That means you should be in second grade. Do you like school? If not, then trust that it will get better. It can be tough when you change schools. You have to make new friends and get used to a different environment. However, you are fully capable of succeeding. Don’t believe anything else. This new school situation sounds difficult, but life won’t be like this always. God will bless you to come out more than a conqueror.

Just trust Him.

Sometimes adults don’t understand children even though that’s their profession. You know what that means? Every teacher you encounter might not comprehend your situation. Your current teacher is one of those adults. Don’t mind her, Kid J. You’re going to be everything she said you couldn’t be and then some. Watch.

It’s challenging trying to navigate through these feelings while being told you’re an angry child. Especially when you’re dad isn’t around. You may feel alone, hurt, and angry because you have questions that aren’t going to be answered now. I know how you feel. You miss him. Things changed in the blink of an eye, and you don’t know how to cope. I have a piece of advice for you, though.

Don’t be angry. It will be alright.

Everything will work out in the end. It may seem as though you are the only one without both parents, but don’t be fooled. Every marriage is not as stable as it seems. That’s nothing for you to worry about, though. Enjoy being a child. You’re bright, vibrant, smart, friendly, and loving. You continue to allow God to shape you into who He wants you to be. He’s got it all under control.

One last piece of advice.

Ease up on your mother. It’s not her fault. She’s hurting, too. More than you can fathom. She’ll be alright, though. You both will be fine. You need each other right now. Allow God to heal both of you together. You will appreciate everything you’ve been through later in life. Trust me.

That’s all for now, Kid J. Life will throw you more curveballs, but you are more than capable of handling it.

With love,

Big J


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