I’m One Years Old

Dear Readers,

How are you? I pray life is wonderful for you! 

I haven’t been up to much. September is usually a down month for me. My birthday is the end of August. So when September hits, I’m just coming down from the excitement that is turning a year older, and the deliciousness that is birthday cake. There are no super social dates this month aside from family and friend birthdays. September is kind of a chill mode month for me.

Until now.

Why, you ask?  September 13th is the day A Fresh Voice was created. It’s my blog birthday, guys!!

What started as long Facebook posts on pertinent issues turned into a medium to speak to the world. Literally. People from across globe have conversed with me via this blog. It’s a very humbling experience. For an entire year, the love for writing/blogging blossomed ever so sweetly. I’ve dabbled in poetry, researched bogging, and most of all, I’ve learned a great deal about myself.

I have a long way to go, but I’m going to get there. I’ve set dreams and goals. I have aspirations. I’ve seen personal growth, and I want more. More growth. More opportunities. More.

This first year is just the beginning. There is nothing that can stop me as long as I trust God to see me through.

As usual, I have to thank those who read A Fresh Voice. I realize some subjects can be controversial. They may even seen a bit heavy at times. However, you guess stick with me. For that I say thank you. You will never know how much I truly appreciate your comments, your ideas, and your support. Even if we don’t agree, we discuss and that’s what A Fresh Voice is about. Candid discussion and learning from one another.

I just turned one years old. Let’s see how this second year goes. There’s oh so much more to come.


A Fresh Voice

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  1. Sam Dissette says:

    Happy Blog Birthday! I always enjoy reading your perspectives on things! Keep up the great work!

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  2. Shielders Anonymous says:

    Congratulations and happy belated blog birthday! Continue to excel!

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