Letters to My Younger Self: Junior High

Dear TJ,

You’ve made it through elementary school!

I’m incredibly proud of who you are becoming. You’re shaping up to be a fine young man. Long gone are the days of horrible teachers and adults who constantly chastised you. People are finally starting to see all of the great qualities you possess, and that’s because you’re showing them. Keep it up.

I hear you’re in 7th grade now. This is a different level with more expectations. Not only in school but in your personal life. Your relationships and interactions will be different because of one word: Adolescence. You’re going to see life in a completely different manner. Girls are cute now. You think you have a ripped body (you don’t).

I have some advice for you. Here you go.

  1. Don’t be the annoying, girl crazy guy. Girls don’t like that at all. They want someone “mature.” Your friends who have girlfriends have some element of maturity to them. Or, they are just really popular. Whatever the case, show the goodness of your heart and someone will like you for you.
  2. Listen to your mother. You haven’t even begun to know it all at 13 years old.
  3. Form good study habits. These will follow you through high school and college.
  4. You are going to form long lasting friendships at this age. Be careful who you entertain. Make sure they have a mindset to succeed.
  5. Be responsible. I have a good feeling you already are, but you could stand to help out more around the house.
  6. Never ever let anyone take your confidence.
  7. Lastly, but certainly not least, listen to the voice calling you. That’s God, and He wants you to be saved. You’re not too young.

It’s been a long, sometimes frustrating, road. You’re here, though. You have a long way to go, but understand how far God has brought you.

Be thankful.

Always in my prayers,

Big J

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