Campaign Season

The gong show that is the 2016 Presidential Election is almost over, and I couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, the damage has been done.

And it’s ugly.

I have never seen as much vitriol in the American people as I’ve seen within the past year. Let me rephrase. I have never seen this much hate with my own eyes. Slavery, the Civil War, WWI and II, the Holocaust, and the Civil Rights Movements are well documented. However, I was not alive to see this first hand. I hear accounts from older people, and read about it in history books. Nonetheless, there’s something about experiencing this first hand. Right now, I’m watching it unfold before my eyes. People, whether they identify as conservative or liberal, hate one another. This goes beyond the annals of hateful social media posts. We are starting to see the 1950s play out all over again.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and we look like we’re socially regressing.

As much as Donald Trump paints America as being a cesspool of waste, America is doing better now (economically) than when President Obama was first elected. The 2008 recession was major, and millions of people were affected. Nonetheless, we were able to climb out of it by the mercies of God. The message that Trump sends does not align with this thought, and it’s one his supporters have accepted wholeheartedly.

Trump’s emergence has brought out the ugly underbelly of the country. The “silent majority”, who conveniently have only been silent for 8 years (I’ll let you figure out why), have latched on to Trump’s underlying message of hate. He has emboldened racists, misogynists, and bigots to speak their flawed logic. On the flipside, Hillary’s emergence has brought out the super liberal crowd in full force. This crowd believes everyone can do what they want regardless of the repercussions.

Where is the middle ground?

This campaign season is quickly coming to a close. November 8th is the day we will see major change in America regardless of who’s elected. That day will pass, but the scars of America have been opened and exposed.

It’s ugly right now, America. Our children are watching us. We need to get it together.


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