America the Beautiful

As the 2016 Presidential Election races to the finish line, I feel like we should take a moment to reflect on the state of our country.

I’ve previously written about America being one nation under God, and I received mixed reviews. I put the article up on Reddit (in the Christan subreddit might I add), and people erupted at the very mention of America once being a Christian nation. I was met with the usual nonsensical arguments, so it was nothing new. However, it surprised me that people who don’t even feign themselves to believe in Jesus would take the time to browse a subreddit that is about…….. believing in Jesus. It shouldn’t have, though. Not everyone in church is saved, so surely the same can be said for the cesspool that is the internet.

In a lighter response, one person told me they are glad we are moving away from Christianity. They made their case respectfully and went on their merry way. I thought about several things from this experience.

Plenty of people are glad Christianity is being silenced. These same type of folks were around when Jesus was alive. So, again, that’s nothing new. What baffles me is how we can’t see the state of our country without God at the helm. As we have turned our backs on God, the country is getting worse and worse. 

We can see this in the form of our presidential candidates. 

This entire election I’ve maintained these candidates are a reflection of this country. Donald Trump has been called a bevy of names (most of which fit). Racist. Xenophobic. Bigot. Trump has heard this and more. Being Donald, he takes this in stride and continues to be….. racist, xenophobic, and a bigot. Yes, that shoe fits quite well. 

On the other hand, you have Hillary Clinton who is pegged as a liar and criminal. She mishandled classified information and is somehow not in jail for doing so. Either she is actually innocent, or our justice system is incredibly flawed. Being Hillary, she takes this in stride and continues to……. lie.

These two candidates represent America. They have successfully brought out an underlying hatred not seen since the Civil Rights Movement. The progress we send to have made is retracting. All the while I’m looking at people who snub their noses at Christianity wondering if they see what’s happening. It’s clear what happened to Israel when they started serving idol gods. They were destroyed the thousands. The more America steps away from God, the worse it’s going  to get. 

And we can’t even see it.

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