Election Day 2016

The day we have waited for since last year is here. It’s time to go vote!

We’ve endured what stands be one of the worst presidential campaign seasons in modern history. Whether you’re conservative or liberal, you probably have looked at a friend (even a relative in some cases) sideways for their choice of President. What used to be political discussions turned into attacks on another’s character. Friendships have been broken. Hatred has flowed freely. We have dealt wiry this almost daily for the past year. To say this election season is terrible is a vast understatement. Nonetheless, there’s a diamond in the rough that rings very true. 

Vote. Your. Conscience.

Sen. Ted Cruz said it best. It turned out to be the one of the most sane statements of the election. Don’t vote simply because you’re affiliated with (insert party). Look at the facts. Look at the platforms of each candidate. What are they truly bringing to the table? Most of all, pray and ask God for direction.

Vote your conscience.  

Lastly, dig in and look at your local elections. These leaders truly affect your everyday life. Look at the measures being introduced. Read behind the lines. Some of these measures have laws that are in fine print. Really do your research so you know what your walking into today. Again, pray and ask God for guidance.

Most of all, enjoy that you have the right to vote! Appreciate the struggle of those that died for your voice. Speak for them. the world know their efforts were not in vain. Honor them. Honor yourself. Honor God.

Vote your conscience.

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