Meet You Halfway

I’m not a particularly big fan of compromise. Let me explain. 

When it comes to God and His Word, it is absolute. There are no loopholes with God. You can’t do what you want want (against His Word) and expect no repercussions. Thus, anything that causes me to compromise my salvation or the standards God has set is something  I don’t want to be around. In this regard, I’m not a fan of compromise. 

However, what I see with the state of my country let’s me know there is middle ground we aren’t walking on. 

President-elect Trump. Black Lives Matter. Dakota Pipeline. People are in an absolute uproar. They are angry, tired, and frustrated. Not only those protesting, but those who are sitting back watching things unfold. The country is angry. In their anger, people don’t stop to see the opposition as human. Insults are hurled, defenses are crafted, and the argument ensues. In some cases, the price of one argument is years of a relationship. Most don’t stop to think there may be truth to both sides of the discussion. 

Most seem unwilling to compromise

Life is not always black and white. There are grey areas in these situations (except when it comes to God). Nonetheless, we are refusing to hear anything anyone else says that doesn’t agree with our opinion. What they have to say is a different perspective. If you pay attention, then you will learn about the subject, the person you’re conversing with, and yourself. Regardless of your opposing positions, find the truth of the situation. It’s there, we just have to look. Quite often we lose focus on the truth, what’s right, and what’s wrong because we are holding fast to our feelings. Sometimes our emotions cloud our thinking and judgment. The reality of these latest social issues is both sides are right and wrong. 

There is a middle ground. 

It behooves us to take a deep breath and clear our hearts of the hate. We need to get back to discussion and critical thinking. We need to know sometimes it’s okay to agree to disagree. We need to return to love.

After all of that, we are still people. Friends. Family. Nothing should break that bond. 

I’ll meet you halfway.

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