The Scramble

It’s Friday morning. Thank you Jesus!

I’m not normally a TGIF type of guy, but this week has been looooong. My schedule is busy between work, church, and the gym. It feels like I rarely see my apartment. I revel in Saturdays because I actually  get to sit down and relax. Even then I plan something out and I’m busy for the rest of the day.

At least I got to sleep in. 

Sometimes I find myself needing a break from the scramble that is life. Constantly moving, running, or on-the-go eventually leaves me longing for my bed (or the floor. Wherever I fall asleep). I want one of those days where I disconnect from the world and veg on my couch. 

Nonetheless, I don’t want to sound ungrateful. I thank God for everything He’s blessed me to do. He will continue to strengthen me through it all. 

It’s the weekend, folks. I hope you get a break from the scramble of life. 

Enjoy yourselves!

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