What I Learned in 2016

2017 is here!

If you’re reading this, then you made it!! We should be thankful that God allowed us to enjoy another year of life. Of course, living is not without trials and tribulations. This means we should have learned something to carry into the new year.

Here is what 2016 taught me.
True Friendships Last

The presidential election tested the entirety of America’s patience. Never before have I seen an election season devolve into hatred and strife. This election truly tested relationships. Mom and daughter. Father and son. Friends. The people you thought you knew the best may have surprised you.  

The two candidates before us were polar opposites in view. They represented the extreme side of each argument. This furthered an already widening divide within the American people. We took after these candidates and fight amongst ourselves. Trump was elected, but by that time the lines were drawn in the sand.

Did your relationship make it?

I can safely say those close to me are still there. The only backlash I received was from people who deleted me on Facebook. Those relationships weren’t groundbreaking or important in my life anyways. So, all is well. The thing about this election (one of many) is this. 

True friendships last.

No matter what I have to love you. Regardless of your political affiliations, race, color, or creed, I have to treat you right. That’s what matters at the end of the day. I have real life friends that vehemently disagree with my political stance and vice versa. However, I can’t call them my friend of I’m harboring negative feelings in my heart. 

What kind of relationship is that?

If our friendship can’t make it through a rough patch, or disagreements, then maybe we weren’t really friends at all. Maybe it’s time I step back and analyze our relationship. Maybe I’m not treating you as well as I could.

Self-reflection is in order. 

When I die and I see Jesus, let it be said that I did what He told me to do. Let it be said that I love the Lord with every ounce of my being. Let it be said that I love those around me, even strangers, with warmth and affection. Let it be said that I knew the value of the people around me, and I made the best of each relationship. 

That’s what I learned in 2016.

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