Off Limits

This past weekend was political warfare in Facebook land. I wholeheartedly participated. 

Posts regarding the Women’s March dominated my newsfeed. Long think pieces for and against the protests (or protesting in general) explained how people felt. The same people echoed their usual sentiments. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer entered the press room and proceeded to blast the media for reporting untruths about the size of President Trump’s inauguration. Yes, this is real life. This was also day one of President Trump’s tenure. Apparently, from what I’ve read, Spicer made some false claims within that short five minute span. The next day, Kellyanne Conway went on Meet the Press and advised the country Spicer gave “alternative facts.”

The internet ate this up.

A Saturday Night Live writer attacked President Trump’s 10 year old son Barron stating he would be the first “homeschool shooter.” Someone else tried to diagnose him with autism. 

It’s been an ugly weekend. I can’t help but notice the role reversal, though.

The people who were against President Obama said some pretty cruel things. His children were attacked. His wife was criticized.  All the while two sides were warring with each other about it all. President Obama supporters defended his family. The opposition either shrugged their shoulders as if to say “I don’t really agree, but it doesn’t really bother me” or they were outright blasting the Obama family themselves. This occurred for eight years. Now, the same people who were critical of everything President Obama want a safe haven for President Trump. On the other hand, the people who defended President Obama are attacking President Trump’s family.

There has to be some common ground.

Why do we not hold each other to the same standards? I’ll tell you. Because there are no standards anymore. One cannot be moral only for what they choose to be. Sometimes life is black and white. It’s right or wrong, and there is a correct answer in that phrase. I’m not nearly a fan of President Trump. I think his wife is in over her head (judging by the wide eyed look on her face at the inauguration). However, no matter how much I detest what he represents, the young children and grandkids are absolutely off limits. They did not choose to be in the spotlight. They don’t warrant any criticism. 


Now, I will say I read a Facebook post that gave me pause. To sum it all up, the lady said Barron is a kid so leave him alone. Fair enough. However, my initial thought was “Where were you when Sasha and Malia were getting raked over the coals by White House staffers?

Maybe I’m wrong for that. But it seems to me that we all let things slide depending on who we support. If we actually adhered to the standard that Christ had set before us, and not our opinions, then we’d act better.

I end this post going back into political Facebook land. I expect that it will taper off eventually. One thing that needs to occur is love. 

We are definitely missing it. 

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