The Code of the Gym

I’ve been going to the gym for about five years now, and I absolutely love it.

I’m there like clockwork 3-5 days a week. It’s my release. The ability to release stress after a long day of work is rejuvenating. I’ve been in the gym for almost five years now. It took a while for me to find consistency, and I’ve learned a great deal along the way. Let me tell you.

I broke the unwritten rules of the gym on several occasions.

Sure, the each fitness establishment has their own rules. Keep your shoes on. Put the weights away. Clean the machines after use. Don’t take the complimentary towels home. Those go without saying. However, there are some unspoken rules you are probably breaking right now. And you’re probably irritating someone in the process (the gym can be a finicky place). What are these rules you ask? I’m here to share them.

Weep no more ladies and gentlemen!

I won’t let you spend another second without knowing the code of the gym.

Standing Shoulder Presses in the Squat Rack

Imagine this.

You walk in the weight room ready to go. It’s leg day, and you’re absolutely pumped (most people aren’t, but roll with me). You finish your warm ups and scan the squat racks. You’re favorite rack is taken. No worries. Another rack will do. You scan again. Nope. The second one is occupied, too. Your last ray of hope lies on the third squat rack. Ugh!! It’s taken. Not only is it being used. The people aren’t even squatting. They are hitting shoulders.


Moral of the story. Don’t occupy the squat rack for shoulder presses.

Mirror Posers

You’ll see a bodybuilder occasionally get their pose on in the weight room. That’s cool. I mean that’s what they are training for, right? I’m talking about the people who grab the dumb bells and proceed to stand 5 inches from the mirror. This is a pet peeve. Why?

You’re in the way.

Smack in the middle. In the way is the worst place to be in the gym. In this instance, I’m trying to see myself so I can make sure my form is correct. Others are as well. Not only are you blocking the mirror, but you are blocking access to the dumbell rack.

So, please move. Thank you.


I used to work at Applebee’s when I was in college. I couldn’t stand squatters. These are the people who absolutely would not leave the table after they are finished. Meanwhile, there are a pile of people waiting to be seated.

Let’s apply this to the gym.

You’ve been waiting to use the peck deck for what seems like 30 minutes. You find other things to do to pass the time. Yet, you look over to see the same person chillin on their cell phone wasting precious exercise time. This person is a gym squatter, and not the one with weight on their back. Get your lift in, and move on.



People grunt in the gym. It happens. When you’re giving max effort in your lift sound is bound to come out. It’s all good. The person I’m talking about is the super loud guy that screams during their lift. He sounds like Tarzan for the entire set.

giphy (7).gif

That is unnessary. Control it, people!

Don’t Be a Snob

There’s nothing worse for a fresh gym goer than encountering a super snob session. You know who I’m talking about. The people who secretly record others doing exercises wrong and blast them on the internet. Or, simply laughing at others workout routines.

It’s January so most gyms fill up with people that have good intentions of losing weight. Don’t siphon their confidence with the “New Year’s Resolutioners” conversation. Encourage them to keep going.

This one is simple. Be kind.

 End Game

The gym is an awesome place. You make friends. You make gains. You learn about yourself and the science of working out. You’ll see changes in yourself physically and mentally. The only way the gym will be better is if you adhere to this simple code. Be nice, treat people right, and get your lift on!

This is the code of the gym.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam Dissette says:

    I love the comment about not being a snob. I think many people are intimidated by what people think when they work out. People shouldn’t care but it’s hard for people not to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jarrod Brown says:

      Very much so. I remember when I first went back to the gym, I told myself not to work about how much weight I was lifting. I knew people would expect me to lift more because my frame is big. It really helped me out. Now that I’ve gained strength, I make absolutely sure not to clown others. Unless they are my friends of course lol..


  2. Laura says:

    I have to admit I’ve fallen away from the gym, but I remember when I started how I had the nagging feeling that everyone else in there knew what they were doing and I was screwing up left and right. They should post these in the weight room!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jarrod Brown says:

      They totally should! I broke so many of these, and I didn’t even know it until someone said something to me. Or, until I was annoyed with other people doing them.


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