What It Is

The name of my game is treating people right.

That’s it. If you ever want to know where I’m coming from, then there it is. Every single position I take is rooted in treating people in the right manner. How would Jesus view me in this situation? Am I treating this person with respect? Would He be pleased with my interactions?

That being said, I don’t agree with everything. By that I mean I will not accept every position presented to me. We live in a time where people believe love equals acceptance. That simply is not true. If I truly love you, then I’m going to tell you when you’re wrong. I’ll tell you where you can improve, and I’ll help you be better. I’m going to do right you.
Remember this when we are embroiled in discussion. If you aren’t on the side of treating people in a humane and decent manner, then we are probably going to disagree.

I love you, though. That won’t change.

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