Time to Rise

Easter 2017 has successfully come.

This is an especially busy time for me. I have many church duties that magnify when Easter comes around. Instead of focusing on the great task, I rely on God to get me through. He blesses me through the fast-paced week that lies before me. For that I am thankful. One thing I lament is my reflection of the season. Tasks seem to overtake my time, and I don’t stop to look back on the reason why we celebrate Easter.

The resurrection of Jesus.

This is why I celebrate. I’m not about the Easter Bunny or related activities. I never had that growing up. I’ve never done the egg hunts and egg dying. My Easter was filled with Jesus, Jesus, and more Jesus. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. We would attend church throughout the week leading up to Resurrection Sunday. Each night was filled with the blessings of God. The weekend culminated with Sunrise Service (6:00 am!), morning service, and the children’s program in the evening. This is what I know. Honestly, what better way to celebrate Easter? Had Jesus not died and rose, we would not have a way back to God. This is the entire basis of Christianity. Faith and belief in Jesus’s death, burial, and resurrection are essential components of Christianity.

Components that are attacked mercilessly.

We live in a day and age where everyone does what they think is right. The very mention of Jesus is an offense. This is regardless of skin color or political affiliations. It is becoming increasingly clear that people do not like to hear the name of Jesus spoken much less see a life that lives for Him. Or, should I say, people don’t want to adhere to the standard of Christ. The problem with doing what we think is right is that it doesn’t always line up with the Word of God.

We’re living in a very dangerous time.

I talk to a lot of different folks via social media. I’ve read a numerous amount of opinions on God, political affairs, and the outrage of the week. The one thing that sticks out to me is this idea that “I can do what I want.” Most of us have ascribed to this theory at some point in our lives. The issue is we don’t stop to ask God how to move. What to say. How to speak. Where to go. We just don’t consult Him. Yet, when Easter hits churches will be packed with people wanting to honor God. But only for that day. He deserves more than we give Him.

When I woke up for Sunrise Service this morning (a fresh 5:00 am), I thanked God. Not only for sending his Son to redeem me of my sins but for a multitude of things for which I cannot repay. The least I can do is say thank you. The least I can do is proclaim His name amongst the people. This is the meaning of Easter.

America. All nations. It’s time for us to rise.

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