It’s Been Awhile

Readers of A Fresh Voice,

It’s been awhile. It’s been a long while. How’ve you been? I have been busy.

Every year we read our Bibles through in 90 days. So, from January to March I have a task to complete. As staff is required to finish reading in order to work in our positions, it’s a requirement. The thing about reading the Bible is you truly have to make time for God. So often I found myself wanting to play my Xbox, going to sleep, or watching TV until all hours of the morning. Then, when it was time to get things done, I had to shut off all of the distractions. It was just me and God.

That’s the best I’ve felt in a really long time.

It makes me reflect on my relationship with God. Honestly, how hard is it to give God one hour per day? It really isn’t. Nonetheless, we consistently find other things to do. Sleep. Gym. Video games. House work. Kids (Yes. Your kids can be a distraction in your relationship with God). Whatever needs to be done, or you want to do, will pop up as the most important thing at that moment. Why can’t we give God the time He deserves? We can.

We just choose not to do so.

Now that I’ve completed Bible reading, you can expect me back here giving you a fresh view of America’s issues. I’ve missed you all. I hope you missed me, too.


A Fresh Voice

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