Shoes and Other Feet

Leggings have taken over the fashion world.

It’s absolutely nothing to see a woman walk around in leggings or jeggings. From what I understand, they are comfortable and low maintenance. Some women make them fashionable mixing different boots, flats, and cardigans to dress them up. Other women use them as loungewear. Whatever the case, leggings rule (again).

Especially in the gym.

Gyms across the country have seen the (re)emergence of leggings for women’s workout attire. Of course, this is nothing new. The 80s and 90s were legging/leotard central for men and women. If you don’t believe me, then pop in an old Buns of Steel tape and look for yourself.  Spandex, in general, has been around longer than I can remember.

Something is different this time around, though. Maybe it’s because I’m older. However, the more I think about it, the more I realize how little leggings leave to the imagination. As a guy, I’m not supposed to say one word about women’s clothing because men. Nonetheless, I’m branching out to tell you a funny experience.

Follow me.

A guy walked into the weight room wearing some camo leggings. That doesn’t happen too often. Usually, guys wear shorts or sweats, and a t-shirt of some sort. If a guy does have leggings on, then they are underneath a pair of shorts. No matter. People come to work out, and this guy was getting his in (and providing a soundtrack of audible, melodious notes to go with it). I spotted the dude, and continued my workout. One of the female CrossFit trainers, we’ll call her Steph (the names have been changed to protect the innocent), came out and spoke to me. Her eyes fell upon the man in leggings. An interesting conversation ensued. It went something like this.

Steph: Wow. He’s really wearing leggings, huh?

Me: Yes, he is.

Steph: Yeah… you don’t usually see guys wear just leggings like that.

Me: Nope, you don’t.

*Conversation moves to a different subject. Steph sees the guy again, and proceeds to speak on leggings*

Steph: Those leggings are cute. I mean I would wear those. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to gawk at the dude. You just don’t see guys wearing leggings like that.

Me: Yeah. Guys don’t tend to do that.

Steph: I feel like I’m seeing too much.

Me: I know exactly how you feel. Women wear leggings so much that I’ve become desensitized to seeing all the body parts, but it can be really bad in the gym. Especially because exercising puts people in awkward positions, so you see stuff you don’t wanna see.

Steph: Right! I feel like it leaves little to the imagination.

Me: I know exactly how you feel.

Steph walked off, and I turned to rush through my set of ham curls. I had to chuckle, though. She was so put off at the fact that the guy’s business was out there that she couldn’t see that’s what guys deal with on the daily basis. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been walking in public past females who leave nothing to the imagination. One particular lady was paying for her food in Dickie’s Barbeque. I looked up from my plate to see straight through her leggings. It caught me completely off guard. Yet, because I’m a man, I can’t say, “Hi! You know you’re really flashing your lady business/butt in my face right now? I don’t want to see that.”

Of course, there are the typical responses to this piece. I can already hear folks. “Don’t look! It’s not your job to police what women wear, or mansplain the sexualization of women’s bodies. You’re a typical man that doesn’t get it. Why can’t you be more like your peers who are allies in women’s equality? Shut up!” If this post were to go viral, then I would expect nothing less. I could write a novel’s worth of a response, but I leave you with one question.

What image do you want to project?

Take from it what you will. Sometimes it’s funny when the shoe is on the other foot. Wear my Jordans for a bit. You just might see my point of view.

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