What I Learned in High School

The formative years of high school taught me many lessons – most of which were about girls – that I carry with me daily. One such lesson came when I was a sophomore.

I had to use the bathroom, and asking teachers for time to perform this biological task proved to be tedious. So, I had to settle for going between class periods. I ran and handled my business so I could scurry off to my next class. I was on my way out of the bathroom – feeling much better might I add – when I saw a girl I thought was cute. We caught eyes and spoke to each other. I reached out to embrace her in a high school hug (every boy’s dream) when she matter-of-factly asked, “Did you wash your hands?

giphy (8)

Yeah, about that……

Abashed, I turned around and went back into the bathroom to correct this grevious mistake. “Man, she probably thinks I’m nasty. I ruined that one, huh? I hope she doesn’t tell any of her friends.” I had pretty thick skin as a teenager, but this situation took the cake for the Daily Drama and Embarrassment Award. Nonetheless, I brushed off the shame and learned my lesson.

Always wash your hands.

[Gif Credit Giphy]

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