What I Want My Kids to Know About Bullying

If you live long enough, someone is not going to like you.

This is a definitive statement. There is no one on this Earth that does not have a person that hates them. If you do, then you aren’t doing something right. They way you walk. Manner of speech. What you wear. Your smile. Weight. Age. Laugh. Any personal insult is fair game. What’s sad is this behavior starts at a young age. Kids these days can turn into Mean Girls: Reality Edition. Secretly recording people in private situations and posting it on YouTube (Ok. SnapChat) for the world to see.

As someone who has been through my fair share of bullying, I thought about what I would want to tell my kids about this. Especially in the age of social media and internet viciousness. What can they learn from my experience?

I’m struggling to find the words, but I think it’ll go something like this.

Not everyone is going to like you. Some people may hate you for no reason. Others may feign themselves to be friends. They’ll stab you in the back. And it hurts. It stings. They choose to express their hatred for you in every way possible. Or, they’ll keep you close and turn on you. They could pick your every move apart. They’ll try to take your confidence. In the midst of all of this, I need you to remember one thing.

Always know who you are.

Absolutely no one can define your character. You are defined by God and the fruit your produce. Be known for your integrity, love, and kindness. Everything else will fall into place. Those kids who don’t like you? They don’t matter. You don’t have to prove anything to “fit in.” When you set yourself apart, others will come for your head simply because they are insecure. Never let their insecurities affect your confidence.

Be the leader. Not the follower.

That means you don’t bully anyone else. Stand up for others. Love one another. Treat people right, and others will follow your example. 

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