Middle Ground

What’s up readers? How are y’all this Christmas season? I hope you are all in good spirits! Me? I’m doing well. I’m quite amused at the moment. I’ll tell you why.

I hopped on Twitter this morning to see a thread about the danger of saying Merry Christmas. The basics of it was some people use the phrase “Merry Christmas” as exclusionary language and the author loosely referenced politics. Of course this subject would come up because we live in an ever increasing world of acceptance about everything.  Unless someone questions or disagrees with your position. Then, it’s all out war.

I digress.

So, I read through the thread (OK, I skimmed. *shrugs*) to see the point. I got the feeling that the author thought it was wrong to say Merry Christmas. So, I did something so dastardly that it’s hard to put into words. I will try, though. Here we go. 

I… I.. I asked him a question!

Cue the dramatic music! I only received a couple of responses, but most were inflammatory in nature simply because I didn’t express wholehearted agreement. I was asked about my reading comprehension level (Apparently, it’s grade 4). I was told to read the entire thread again slowly (emphasis on slowly). I was even told that I was reading the thread with a right slant, and directed to straighten it out.

I had to back up. I mean surely a simple question asking to clarify the point could not have been so resounding. What did ask? Here you go.

Now, take it from someone that has been in plenty of internet spats. That is not an inflammatory question. If I really wanted to irritate those folks I would have busted in there with a huge “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!“, and made some reference to Republicans being right about anything. They would have blown a gasket then. Nonetheless,  I kept my cool. I mean it’s Twitter. Who cares? Here’s more of the convo.

Ladies and gentlemen who consider yourselves Democrats or Liberal, this is why Republican/Conservatives hate you. A simple question on the phrase Merry Christmas turned into a reference to Donald Trump and Charlottesville, VA. That is nothing short of ridiculous. 

Here’s the thing, I’ve read over and over again from Conservatives that they are attacked for their opinion. Sometimes, that opinion is a call for understanding. Instead of responding in kindness, you put words in their mouths and triple jump to conclusions. How can you be this all inclusive person you claim to be if you can’t have a conversation with someone who holds a different perspective? I’m not talking about extremes.

There is a middle ground.

So often we throw each other into a box and refuse to truly see the other point of view. Especially in the social media age where any disagreement with a perspective is met with vitriol. We must understand there are more people standing on the middle ground than there are in the extremes. Unfortunately, people like Joe up there lay down the ultimatum when it’s not necessary. In turn, the person asking the question gets defensive. Communication is effectively broken. 

Now, I was going to be skeptical of the initial post because I love the Lord. There’s nothing wrong with saying Merry Christmas, and I honestly don’t care who doesn’t like it. However, the authors thread had a point.

Those who use Christ for political gain are dead wrong. It takes a wise man to win a soul for Christ.

Let’s remember, the Christmas season is about love. The love of Jesus. The love of life. The love of people. Be loving.

Merry Christmas!!

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