Wakanda Forever: My Excitement for Black Panther

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ll know that Black Panther graced movie screens across the country to an overwhelming reception. Black people came through!

Throngs of black people got dressed up in their fineries (or their version of what Wakanda would be) and flooded theaters breaking records for sales in an opening weekend. It was refreshing to Yes, I had to get my outfit right. What did I wear you ask?

Of all the excitement surrounding the film, actually viewing it was everything I expected and more. Beauty. Pageantry. Intelligence. Strong black women. Highlighting Africa in a positive light. I actually left the theater on the verge of tears (Yes, over a movie). I haven’t been this proud to be black since I started learning about my history in college (You gotta love that whitewashed history right?). Some might view this is an exaggeration, but it really isn’t. I’ll explain.

I’ve spent my life in a country that repeatedly dehumanizes black people. Lately, this attitude has turned into one that thinks we should be grateful for basic human decency (At least it’s not Jim Crow!!). I’ve personally have been treated like a criminal for no more than walking past someone in the mall. I’ve been told that I’m not attractive because my skin color is too dark. As I grew up, I was able to shake the stereotypes and be my own person. However, they had their affect. This one of many reasons why Black Panther is so lauded.

It celebrates the culture and strength of black people.

I can’t stress to you how impactful it is to see a black person portrayed in a positive light. That is literally the opposite of what goes on in America on a nightly basis. Politicians have made it their mission to criminalize black people at all costs. The country been subconsciously (and consciously) conditioned to believe black skin equals anything negative. That is simply not true.

We are….

Articulate (in any language)

#BlackIsBeautiful #WakandaForever

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  1. Yes! This movie was everything. I’ll be raving about it for a few years. Everybody just needs to brace themselves 😀

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