Conversations with the Youth of America

This weekend the March for Our Lives took place at various locations throughout the country to discuss gun violence and potential gun reform. Kids of all ages had some profound things to say. What did the adults do? They ignored them yet again.

Based on what I’ve read from a couple of people on – wait for it – Facebook, I’ve come up with a pretty accurate (I think so anyway) scenario of the conversation these kids would have with upholders of the Second Amendment. Let’s make it an internet conversation. We all know people don’t know how to communicate on social issues via social media (the irony).

And it goes a little something like this…

Kids: I don’t want to get shot up in school.

Adults: Well… that’s really your fault because failed parenting and bullying. #MAGA!! Also the 2nd Amendment is the most important amendment ever created for American citizens.

Kids: Ok. So, 1) You’re a parent, so doesn’t that mean you’ve failed at your job? And 2)What about the abolition of slavery? The right to a speedy trial? Due process? Search and seizure? The ability for all to vote? None of that matters?

Adults: Of course, I don’t mean my parenting. I teach my kids not to bully, and my kids always do what I tell them. Other parents though? They are the problem. I learned that from this Facebook clip I shared. See? Watch.

Kids: Umm… ok? So, what about those other amendments I stated?

Adults: Guns, man. Guns. You get my point.

Kids: Politicians? Do you have anything to say about school shootings?

Politicians: Learn CPR so you can assist your friends in case they get shot in school.

Kids: How will that keep me from getting popped?

Politicians: It won’t, but I can’t propose any gun reform laws because guns are as American as reverse racism and apple pie. My constituents won’t like it. So, CPR is the work around.

*enter the Statistics Guy,  Conspiracy Guy, and Internet Parent*

Stats guy: You’re more likely to die from the flu than to be shot with a gun. Guns aren’t the problem. Here look at these stats. *posts link*

Conspiracy guy: George Soros funded your march because of the hidden agenda of leftists who want to take our guns away. #MAGA!!

Internet Parent: My kids don’t have a problem with guns. They are fully aware of the issue and I agree with their stance because it’s what I taught them. You should agree with them, too.

Kids: Why?

Internet Parent: Safe schools, guns, and logic. That’s all you need to know.

Kids: But teachers carrying doesn’t make me feel safe at all. What happens when that teacher gets into a dispute with me or a fellow classmate? Can we ever be sure they won’t snap?

Internet Parent: I said safe schools, guns, and logic. Also, my kids feel just fine. You should, too.

Kids: Well, what about my friends who are people of color? A lot of their stories involving gun violence go unheard by America.


Kids: Do you guys not hear us telling you we are scared of dying and tired of these senseless acts? Do you not hear us trusting in the very system you have your faith in only to be told to sit down and be quiet?  Do you not see us standing up to be the change you taught us to be? Do you hear anything we are saying?

Everyone:  No, we don’t. All we see are entitled, spoiled brats (that we won’t admit we raised) who are marching for no reason. Protesting does nothing. Your march means nothing. Your words mean nothing. You’re being used for the left’s political agenda. You won’t listen to facts or other peers your age. There’s too much evidence against you.

Kids: So much for freedom of speech and the right to peaceful protest.

Everyone: Exactly! Now you get it. #Merica

Kids: I’m still scared, though..


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