Oh, The Irony

I find myself saying this phrase a lot when it comes to social media and hardcore opinions.

Oh, the irony.

How does it apply? I’ll tell you.


So, I’m scrolling through Facebook seeing different memes and articles regarding David Hogg. He’s emerged as one of the leading teens from Parkland demanding gun control, and one of the organizers for the March For Our Lives event. Long story short, he’s been in the news plenty as of late. With exposure comes haters, and they appeared in droves. I’ve heard how he’s a paid actor (people actually believe this). Folks have shared conspiracy videos questioning Hogg’s story. I’ve seen him called all types of derogatory names. Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham even shared an article that criticized this kid for not getting into certain colleges he applied for with a 4.2 GPA (She has since apologized after Hogg called for a boycott of her advertizers. Smart kid!).


What about Emma Gonzalez?


She’s another Parkland teen who rose to be at the forefront of the fun reform movement. As such, she’s also been vilified by right-wing media outlets (remember, the MSM only caters to the left *sarcasm*). She’s been photoshopped ripping the Constitution, called a “skinhead lesbian” by Leslie Gibson – a Republican Candidate for the Maine State House – (she’s no longer running for the seat), and condemned for wearing a Cuban flag patch on her jacket (pro-tip: She’s Cuban).

Folks are out here losing their collective minds over these kids simply because they are vocally against something others cherish. People did the same thing to Martin Luther King, Jr. (who is relentlessly quoted out of context might I add). The reaction is amazingly reflective of Americans who don’t like their social order questioned.

Now, I’m all for people having their stance (as long as it’s factual and not utter stupidity). So, fine, go ahead and disagree with these children. However, attacking them is completely unnecessary. This isn’t any better than the media attacking Barron Trump on the basis that they don’t like his dad. It’s nonsense.

The irony of this all is some of the same people who are calling for an end to bullying, especially because they don’t want gun reform, are essentially bullying teenagers. It’s the epitome of hypocrisy. Put this in perspective. There are full grown adults attacking children because they don’t agree with their stance all while telling others “Parents need to start raising their kids better! If there weren’t bullies, then maybe school shootings wouldn’t happen.”

What did Vygotsky say? Humans learn from their social interactions?

It seems to me some folks need to look in the mirror. It might do them some good. We have the audacity to elect a President who is the living, breathing example of a Twitter troll, and then talk about how much we don’t like bullying (which he does on a constant basis)? Then, turn around and attack people because we disagree with them?

Oh, the irony.







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