I’m a Christian, But…

While religion is not a popular subject these days, I see some bold Christians standing up for God. As they should. However, it seems there are more detractors speaking out against Christianity with a deceptive message of love. I’ve seen so many “explanations” on what Christians should be doing from people who aren’t even trying to have a relationship with God. The worst of these are the “I’m a Christian, but…” people.

You know who I’m talking about. The people who ascribe to Christianity, but make modifications to justify their wrongdoing. They make statements like “God loves us all”, “I’m a Christian, but I cuss a little”, and “Christians shouldn’t hate (insert something that God clearly hates)“. In fact, the Christian Buts (CBs) are a hindrance to those who are starting out in their walk with God.

It’s very apparent people have not read their Bible.

These people can call themselves Christians, but I beg to differ. For the “Don’t judge” crowd, Yes, I’m judging. I’m not condemning (read Matthew Chp 7). Pandering to the secular crowd for their approval only gets one in trouble with God.  Thinking God is an all inclusive God, meaning He accepts everything we present to Him, couldn’t be further from the truth. He clearly states the reward for right, and the penalty for wrong. It is up to us to adhere.

People are always watching you. How you behave, the wrong you justify, the words you excuse can affect someone else. It behooves us to do better.

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