It’s Tuesday Morning? Let’s Boycott!

Good glorious morning A Fresh Voice readers! How did you celebrate your Labor Day weekend? I didn’t do much this weekend. I ate, went to the gym, slept in, and saw Crazy Rich Asians. That movie was really good! All in all, it was a laid back weekend for me.

Others? Not so much. It was an especially interesting weekend for the #MAGA crowd.

Nike unveiled it’s 30th anniversary campaign of the “Just Do It” slogan with Colin Kaepernick as its face. And the #MAGA crowd lost their collective minds!

Tomi Lahren is hatefully ranting (What’s new?). John Rich (You probably don’t know who he is) has been hashtagging #PIGSOCKS at anyone who logically disagrees with him. And the pandemonium has spread to the general public. Cutting swooshes out of their clothing. Calling for a #NikeBoycott on twitter. I mean Kaepernick spoke out against America, right? He’s disrespecting veterans across the country (even though he took the suggestion of a veteran on how to respect the anthem/flag during his protest. But that’s besides the point), right?

I find the hypocrisy to be hilariously sad for a few reasons.

  • Conservatives love to call liberals snowflakes due to politically correct culture. Then, proceed to burn clothing because one company’s ideals don’t align with their own.
  • Most people trying to boycott Nike have been dead quiet while Nike is accused of having their products made by children in sweatshops. This has been a long standing accusation with the company.
  • There are nearly 40,000 homeless veterans in the United States of America. Maybe the clothes being burned could go towards them? Just a thought.

The reality of this situation is Kaep’s message has been successfully turned on it’s head. People have really bought into the narrative that kneeling means disrespect to the flag.

I live in conservative land which means I’ve heard every last excuse you can dream up on why this protest is bogus. It’s not lost on me that most who oppose will likely never experience being pulled over for color of their skin. It won’t be assumed they are criminals simply because they walked into a store. They won’t have security block the doorway and stare at you while you’re shopping (that happened to me. I laughed). They won’t have to laugh off the racial ignorance the plagues them daily, and they won’t be told these injustices are their fault. And, for the cases that do experience any of the above, they will likely ignore serious red flags and mistreatment to keep from “race-baiting.” This begs one question.

What do you believe in?

From what I see, human decency is at the core of what most of us believe. So why now are some throwing it to the wind? If something you love has flaws, then you fix them. If you truly love America, then you’ll support Kaep’s message.

Believe in something. Even if that means sacrificing everything.




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