6 Months, 25 Days

It has been a very long while since we’ve talked.

My apologies.

I’m gonna be honest with you AFV readers. I got burnt out. Not only from maintaining a blog, but from useless conversation.

You guys know I write about pressing issues. From politics to daily living, I try to give the fresh perspective on life. Unfortunately, with the nonstop nonsense of President Trump’s administration and the nature of vitriol on the internet I became tired. Tired of arguing, fussing and fighting. Tired of blind hatred. Tired of having conversations with people who have minimal facts or experiences. Tired of people who don’t want to hear truth.

We live in the age of opinions. Everyone wants to their opinion to be respected. However, very few people respect truth. In fact, it seems truth gets lost amongst all people shouting for attention.

It seems that way, but the truth is right here. We are the ones who are lost.

Thus, I sat back. I got quiet. I read other people’s perspectives. I stopped engaging in conversation with those who didn’t want true discussion.

I had to take time for me. I needed to take time for me.

I’m here now. I’m refreshed. I’m ready to go.

It’s been 6 months and 25 days since we last talked. How have you been?

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